Spring Issues May Cause Your Garage Door To Break

Posted by Nabin Shaw on March 11th, 2020

You may not stop to think about the springs inside your automatic garage door. However, it is the springs that actually keep the garage door functioning effectively. If anything were to happen to the spings it will cause the garage door not to work correctly or not at all. This will lead to having to have an emergency garage door repair done.

Clues The Garage Door Springs Have Issues

Some may think there are no signs that the springs in their garage door are starting to give. But in actuality there are some signs that shouldn't be ignored when they start to happen and there are:

  • Door is closing in a crooked way
  • Door won't close all the way
  • Noticing a visibly worn-out spot in the spring area
  • Sprins losing their tension

Reasons for Springs to Start to Break

Age: Let's face it nothing lasts forever, and over time the springs of the garage door will become weaker. After all, we tend to open and close are garage door up to 500 times in a year if not more. Eventually, all that wear and tear will cause the springs to break.

Bad Maintenance: Again perhaps not something you stop to think about. But having the springs in the garage door properly maintained could actually add to their longevity. So, always a good idea to have your garage doors springs by a qualified garage door company. Not a good idea to try to maintain these yourself, because improper maintenance can also lead to problems. One thing you could do to help with the maintenance of your garage doors is to periodically put the garage door halfway up why because turns out the springs have their most stress when all the way up or even down.

Rust: Rust is the main enemy of metal, including those use in springs. Rust will literally eat away at the metal to cause the springs to break. Again regular maintenance will find the problem before it causes a major issue down the road where emergency garage door repair will be necessary.

Hiring a Garage Door Company

It is always recommended to use an accredited Garage Door Company when it comes to addressing the issues with the garage door springs. The springs are only vital to the overall performance of the garage door but these aren't easy to replace or even do maintenance on. Let's face it, having a good garage door company to make repairs is a good investment to your home. When going about finding one there are some important tips to keep in mind.

Do Your Research: This is the first thing to do, always look into accredited garage door companies in your area. Find out how long they have been in business, see what previous customers have said about them and the quality of their work. Find out if they have had a 24/7 service. Remember when it comes to the garage door, emergency situations can arise. Also, find out about what type of warranty they offer which will include periodic maintenance of the garage door springs. The next thing to do is check their rating with the Better Business Bureau website.

Comparison Shop: Something to do during your research is to create a list of more than one garage door company that interests you. In doing so this will give you an opportunity to get a variety of quotes. This helps to make sure you not only get a quality company but a good deal as well.

Bottom line, finding the right garage door company will help give your piece of mind. You can now be assured that the springs in your garage door will continue to perform well and not cause you any trouble in the foreseeable future.

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