Refurbishing A Place For Worship

Posted by Nabin Shaw on March 11th, 2020


Churchs are interesting and unique places. When it comes to refurbishing a church and installing new carpet there are lots of factors involved. Consider the look of the church. What appearance does the church congregation want as the final look? What kind of sound acoustics have to be considered? What is under the carpet? Cement or wood? Consider how much foot traffic the church has. All of these factors can complete a final look for a total church refurbishment.

Foot Traffic

Churches typically have a ton of foot traffic. And unlike a home, typically people don't take their shoes off. Along with that, there are usually placed throughout the church that have heavy foot traffic. Eventually, the carpet in these places gets a little tricky. Similar to a cow trail on the side of a hill. You will want to choose a carpet that can stand up to that.


The sanctuary acoustics can be greatly affected by the carpet that is put into a church. The way that the sound vibrations work off the floor affects the overall sound. So it is important when deciding on carpet to speak with your sound technician to consider what sound works best with what carpet. Along with that, churches are well known for large sounds such as organs. So it is important that all of that goes into the final carpet decision.

A Plethora of Opinions

Churches are filled with many people who have very many opinions. So it is important that before the final product is chosen, that is considered. In some churches, changes as large as a total carpet replacement have to be voted on. This is because a large carpet replacement also costs a large amount of money. So consider all the opinions of all the people in the church. Also, consider the pastor, sound technician, and elders/deacons opinions when carpeting for churches.

What’s Under the Carpet

The flooring under the carpet also plays into the type of carpet that you will want to purchase. If there is wood under the carpet, the carpet will lay different than concrete. Also, the flooring under the carpet needs to be in good shape. If it is in poor shape the carpet will lay different on it and it will wear faster. Similar to if a road is more damaged, the car driving on it will attain more damage. The damage occurs by the feet going over cracked spots in the floor and it pushing upwards. Wearing it faster.


Churches are typically looking for a certain 'look.' There is a classic look that most churches have. Big stained glass, large organs and pink shag carpet don't really go together. So just like in a home, it is important to match the carpet to the look that the church is trying to get. Typically a church will want a darker color and a more nude or red color. It can help bring the worship and serious feel that most churches are looking for.


There are many considerations to take when it comes to carpeting for churches. It is important to consider everyone's opinions. Because in churches there are typically lots of people with lots of opinions. It is also important to consider the flooring that is under the carpet and the look of the church. The acoustic needs of the church are also very important. You will want to be sure that you get the right carpet so that worship music can travel correctly through sound waves and sound great. You don't want to have carpet that isn't conducive to music and sound since that is basically hat a church is for. Consider these factors when it comes to church carpeting.  

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