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Posted by kunal on March 11th, 2020

Once your roof is installed should you ever worry about it again? The answer is yes! A damaged or leaking roof can ruin your home. Most individuals are not aware that you should have a regular pavement light lens repair plan and why. A damaged roof can cost thousands of dollars to repair and have a far reaching effect on the rest of your home. Taking a proactive approach to roofing maintenance gives you the ability to anticipate future roof needs and effectively budget the necessary costs to keep it properly maintained.

Benefits to a well maintained roof:

• Minimize life cycle costs

• Maximized life expectancy of your roofing

• Peace of mind protection for your home and your belongings

• Reduced insurance costs

• Prolong expensive or premature roof replacements

• Protect roofing warranty

Damaged roofing can be caused from wind, close trees rubbing up against your roof, mold or moss that can grow in the cracks and rot your sub roofing, and careless installations. These problems often cause leaks, damaging further parts of your home or structure and possibly your belongings.

Roofing Maintenance Plan:

Dedicating a few minutes every six to twelve months to look closely at your roof will provide help you identify roof maintenance possibilities that can prevent costly repairs in the future.

What do I look for?

• Missing, damaged, torn or flipped up shingles and other signs like this show wear and require attention. Replacing a couple shingles can be easy and inexpensive, either for you or someone you hire to do the job.

• Look for signs of fungus, mold, moss or algae. If your roofing has started growing moss or algae, you can install zinc or lead strips that will eliminate the problem.

• Remember metal areas can rust. If rust is present, you can use a wire brush to remove the rust and prime then paint the metal to insure protection.

• Examine your edging or flashing making sure it is intact. If you find that the flashing has been damaged, you should remove all of the old sealant then scrub the area clean and reseal or replace.

• Inspect caulking around joints and chimneys, making sure there is a proper seal against bricks or cracked mortar.

Inside the home look for signs of leaking, you may find dark spots, mold, dampness or warped paint on the ceiling or attic, if you do, get it repaired. A leaking roof can't fix itself, it will only get worse, don't put it off, fixing a small leak early can delay or prevent large unplanned expenses.

Other Recommended Roofing Maintenance:

• Remove debris such as sticks, leaves dirt, and other contaminants by sweeping or blowing them off to prevent algae build ups that can begin to rot your roof or clog your gutter system.

• Look for any tree branches that may be near or touching the roof. Remove the branches to prevent damage and keep unwanted pests off your roof.

• If you live in an area where there are frequent winter snow storms, snow build up can lead to collapsing your roof. If you get snow build up you can use a long snow rake that will pull the snow off, or shovel it off remembering safety first.

Roofing maintenance is widely ignored, but if you put a simple plan in place you can prevent costly home repairs and have the peace of mind you need.

Warranty/Guarantee Note:

Most roofing that is installed will last 20-25 years, if maintained properly. You will want to check the manufacturer's warranty for details on your individual roof guarantee, remembering to look at the details to see what your responsibility is. If you have a metal or tile roof, warranties could be a bit longer. Having a warranty or guarantee does not mean that your roof will always be problem free

Simple roofing maintenance plan:

1. Inspect roofing a minimum of once per year, preferably two times, once in the spring and once in the fall.

2. Perform regular roof maintenance when needed.

3. Replace damaged sections when damage occurs.

4. Know how old your roof is and warranty that it may have. 

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