Tractor Manuals - A Must For The DIY Mechanics

Posted by JensalesInc on August 29th, 2012

Tractors are undeniably one of the most important parts of agricultural practices today. Designed for agricultural assistance, they help the farmers in various agricultural activities like ploughing, spraying insecticides, and cutting crops to name a few. Saving precious time and labor, tractors have become indispensable in the agricultural industry. Yet as machines, they call for frequent maintenance and are prone to breaking down. In such instances, the owner is left with two options; to seek professional help from a tractor mechanic or employ the ‘do it yourself’ approach.

The maintenance issues are so common that many decide to take the matter into their own hands, rather than calling a mechanic. If you are one of these types of people, then regardless of the situation, we recommend you find an authentic, reliable tractor manual. There are manuals available for all different tractor makes and models, like an Oliver manual or a Massey Ferguson manual.  The following are three main categories that manuals fall into:

  • Operators manuals

These manuals are the type given by tractor companies at the time of purchase. They carry all the relevant information regarding that particular model, just as a regular automobile manual would.

  • Service manuals

This type of manual was developed specifically for mechanics. It carries instructions in a highly technical language, assuming the reader to be quite experienced. This is not the manual meant to be read for becoming acquainted with the tractors normal operation, rather it is for experienced individuals seeking a solution to some specific problem.

  • Parts manuals

If you are planning on opening up the tractor and taking removing or replacing some of its parts, then you simply cannot do without this manual. Whether you're looking for a Caterpillar manual or Allis Chalmers manuals, this type of manual will provide you with detailed diagrams of every component of a given tractor model. This manual would come in handy if you found a stray component and you were not sure where it belonged.

There are, of course, other types of manuals that are intended for experts and engineers. It is important, however, to have a manual in your collection that will help you keep your tractor running smoothly. All of these manual types are available at, and they are only a few mouse clicks away.

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Jensales Inc. is owned by CAPT Paul Jensen, USN.  CAPT Jensen is a Special Operations Officer and Senior EOD Technician still active in the Navy Reserves after 23 years of service. He and his crew at Jensales are the best source in the entire world for the finest in reproduction manuals. Jensales prints the world's finest repair manuals for tractors, implements, and industrial equipment. Jensales Inc. has one of the largest and most diverse Oliver manual and Massey Ferguson manual collections, and industrial manual libraries in the world.

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