Logitech Adds More Features to the G27

Posted by albertareid on August 29th, 2012

 A helical gear system has now been added for easier operation. And as with the G25, the G27 includes the single-reduction, dual motor, force feedback transmission, which is supported by a double set of steel ball bearings. The helical gears are also responsible for reducing the amount of noise, as there is less vibration than that produced with the spur gears that were previously used.

The  helical gear system  in the G27 is designed to operate in a wider range than the spur gear setup, and the result is a wheel that produces much less noise, with less turn resistance ,while creating the equivalent magnitude of force feedback torque. The shifter appears to be completely redesigned for a quieter and more solid feel and operation. The annoying clicking noises that were heard in the G25 have been virtually eliminated.

Only 11 inches in diameter, the wheel on the G27 is leather- wrapped, for comfort and style, and it can be easily  mounted to a desk however a much more suitable solution would be a wheel stand. What that will do is have your wheel, gear shifter and pedals in a realistic position as well as keeping them rigid and solid whereas otherwise they will move and slide.

There are ten programmable LEDs that can be used as RPM indicators or as shift indicators. The LED Software Development Kit has been made available to several developers, and support for some titles is already provided, and can be enabled when your unit is installed.

The steering wheel is engineered so that it can be easily mounted with the included clamps, and the two plastic screws, situated on the top of the main wheel. Installation on a wheel stand is not difficult. If attaching to a wheel stand it’s likely the plate that holds the wheel will already be pre-drilled to suit. Attaching the steering wheel a wheel stand is definitely recommended if you are looking for a realistic setup. If you are adventurous enough, you may design and construct your own wheel stand, with some available designs however with the value and quality of the products on the market why would you bother?

The improvements added to the wheel appear, to reinforce Logitech's desire to satisfy the needs of racers, as the many desirable features and refinements make the operation even more enjoyable. Some improvements have been made in the design and construction of the pedals. They can now be adjusted by location and position to suit the sizes and shapes of different feet, and the wheel itself, appears to be well crafted and constructed.

When the g27 is assembled with your wheel stand, you can have your own complete racing simulator, where you can become the next Andretti. 

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