Fall Lawn Care Tips

Posted by kunal on March 12th, 2020

As the owner of knowledgeable Knoxville Lawn Care Broken Arrow service, i might wish to offer recommendations on proper lawn care. Fall is that the perfect time to start out taking care of your lawn. It is actually considered the best time of the year to get your lawn in shape. Below, I even have listed several recommendations on preparing your lawn for a healthy spring.

Testing your soil: this will be a really beneficial start. When the soil is too acidic, your lawn can not thrive. Usually you can find a soil testing kit at a garden center.

Thatching: When your lawn has excessive thatch, (more than 1/2") it's usually necessary to dethatch. While thatch can provide nutrients as it decomposes, an excessive amount could cause your lawn to thin, be a host to harmful disease organisms, and can prevent the roots of your grass from receiving water, air, and other nutrients.

Aeration: If your soil is compacted, you ought to consider aerating your lawn. You can check this out by thrusting a sharp shovel into the lawn. If you can insert it at least half way in, with ease, then you don't need to aerate your lawn. If you would like to aerate your lawn, you'll probably need to rent the equipment or hire a lawn care professional.

Weed Control: Applying weed control in the fall can be more effective than waiting until the weather starts to warm up.

Fertilizing: Taking the time to fertilize during the cooler fall months is a good idea. Your lawn then has time to take in the nutrients and grow deeper roots before winter comes. Apply the fertilizer by the middle of October and try to apply after the first week of good rain as the nutrients will be absorbed by the soil better.

I trust these tips are helpful to getting you closer to a beautiful, healthy lawn in the spring.

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