React Native App Development: How Is It used?

Posted by aniket vichare on March 12th, 2020

The importance of mobile app developments for business purposes has been very well established over the past few years. In fact, the whole digital world has seen a great surge in app development and now days the whole IT industry is trying to shift towards hybrid app development. This is mainly because mobile apps are in great demand and thus the efforts are getting focussed towards shorter and quicker development of apps.

As people are using myriad devices everywhere, the hybrid app helps in providing a good experience across all platforms. The app can be developed using existing technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well. The react app development has been showing wonders over the years and it has become the most starred project on GitHub.

If it is seen as a search term, then the native app development has even beaten Android App development or iOS app development. One of the clearest advantages of React native app development app is that it does not require languages such as Objective-C, JavaScript, Kotlin or Swift.

Advantages of React Native App Development

• The apps that are based on React Native APIs are mostly cross platform in nature which means that they can run equally on Android, iOS and other operating systems as well. The system needs to support native apps though; it is important because Android and iOS have different design implications. The react native app has platform modules and platform specific file extensions which help in OS detection.
• The react native app is mostly a preferred choice because it can automatically pick up the correct file based on the OS. It is an open sourced project and as we all know there is a large developer community involved in working for it. React native app development also helps in reducing the development time. It has seen an over 30% reduction in the development periods.
• The react app also helps in dynamic updation and codepush; it is noted as a major benefit of using react JS for hybrid app development. There has been an extensive use of JavaScript in React JS that has helped in enabling the dynamic updation. Though it is limited to only JavaScript files. The use of this react JS is comparatively less hassle free.

The author of the article has in depth knowledge on react native app development. For more information regarding the same, you may research on the digital platform.

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