4 quick ways to build a mailing list!

Posted by jason stewart on March 12th, 2020


Mailings and newsletters are still a very effective form of email hosting uk and sales communication. However, the basis for effective email marketing is to have a good-quality address list. Where to get her in this short entry I present to you a few simple methods to get good quality mailing lists.

How to build a list of email addresses?

The first and fastest way to get a mailing list is to buy it. There are plenty of offers on the web, but it is better not to use the fantastic promotions that can be found on Internet and Allegro forums, because these are usually addresses collected by the bot or sold illegally (theft of the address database), and thus, these are lists that do not have no value. If we decide to buy such a database, let's do it in a proven place, for example one of the popular yellow pages services.

How to build an email address database?

However, a much better choice would be to build your own address database. Then we will get a list of definitely better quality, consisting of people who have subscribed to it consciously. How to build it

Pay by email for content

Do you want to access valuable content on my website? No problem, just please, instead of the knowledge I share with you, leave me your email address. It's not much, right? In my opinion this is a very good and honest way. The author of the website / blog shares the content with other users and they pay him with their windows hosting uk which can then be used by the author in mailing. In this way, we build a very valuable list of addresses, which we can then use, for example, to sell training.

Subscribe to the newsletter!

Another good way to build a mailing list. Did you like the content of my site? Do you want to be up to date with what is happening on it? Sign up for the newsletter and you will not miss anything! However, when using such a list, we must remember a very important thing. The Internet user signed up for it not to receive fantastic offers, but to receive information about valuable content. Therefore, marketing messages must be skilfully integrated into the content of the e-mail and may not outweigh its substantive content.

Landing Page

You can also use a landing page to build your list. We create a maximally simple page that is intended to prompt the person on it to complete the contact form. Its fulfillment will be the basis for us for two activities:

Direct contact and attempts to convert the contact into instant conversion

Use the obtained email address in our windows web hosting uk campaigns

Registration on the site

This method of building a mailing list is especially simple when we run a store online. Then we obtain an email address when the customer makes a transaction in our store. However, not only stores can use this method. For example, if we run a portal, we can block the possibility of commenting on articles for unlogged users. If they want to comment - let them log in. And we will obtain another valuable record for our database.

Your own mailing list is it!

It's worth building your own address list. With its help, we can easily sell our services / knowledge / goods. Therefore, it is worth starting building it from the very beginning of our activity.

How to send mailing and have good performance?


Are pictures or the sender more important? Or maybe graphics? In February 2018 the ARC Rynek i Opinia research institute, commissioned by REDLINK, conducted a study on the popularity and impact of hillingdon grid webmail on recipients in UK. Thanks to this research - you already know!


In February 2020 the ARC Rynek i Opinia research institute, commissioned by REDLINK, conducted a study on the popularity and impact of email marketing on recipients in UK. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the conclusions of the study. 3 out of 4 Poles receive up to 20 emails every day informing about the promotion or offer of the company, while every second Pole makes a purchase based on them. Which e-mails seem to be the most interesting is mainly determined by the sender and title, although content is also important for 36%. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that as many as 32% of mail users never open messages from the SPAM folder. This can mean measurable losses for companies that lose every third potential customer in this way.

It should be noted that although email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to promote your own products, many factors contribute to the success of this activity. The research carried out directly shows that we read emails from known brands and pay attention primarily to the title. But before an e-mail goes to your inbox, the company must perform a number of actions, the most important of which is to properly gather and understand the customer base. What else does the recipient expect from the clothing store and something different from the bank or insurer? We also can't send the same message to everyone.

By email to the recipient's heart

Viewing marketing emails is a daily routine for almost every email user. The survey shows that as many as 44% of us receive no more than 10 per day, 32% receive between 11 and 20 emails, and every tenth person more than 20. Women receive slightly more marketing emails than men - 16% women admitted that every day more than 20 messages fall into her inbox, while among men this percentage is 12%.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that the mere appearance of an email does not mean that the message will be read. Sometimes recipients delete content completely without looking at it. What do we pay most attention to when assessing whether e-mail will be interesting for us? In the first place is the sender, important for half of the respondents. In second place, the respondents indicated the title (49% of responses), and the podium closes the content, relevant for 36% of people. Only 14% of respondents pay attention to graphics, and 9% to colors, although we would like to note that both of these elements are quite significant when receiving the entire message and undertaking or not, the expected action.


It is not surprising that the sender is the most important. If we get an e-mail from a company we know and like, and in addition informs us about an interesting promotion, we are more likely to open such a message than when a completely anonymous brand writes to us. However, once we take care of our audience base and reach people who are interested in the offer, we should look at the preheader, distribution of content and the Call to Action button. This final impression can determine the effectiveness of the campaign. An example of good practice is the distribution of content so that it is easy for the recipient to take the appropriate action, e.g. go to an online store.

Happy people count promotions

It turns out that every second person uses the promotions and information found in the inbox. They are slightly more often women - they constitute 52%, while men 46%. What do the statistics look like in terms of the number of products purchased based on promotional emails? 37% of Poles buy 1 to 10 products a year, while 5% buy more than 10 products. There are even those who use email promotions over 20 times a year!

Such optimistic results should not cause a sudden increase in the frequency of shipments by all marketers. Each company should determine the number of shipments adapted, among others to the generally accepted brand strategy, type of products offered, campaigns conducted in other marketing channels, behavior of recipients from individual segments. It is important that the recipient does not get bored of the emails received from the brand and has positive associations with it all the time. Conducting tests along with tracking the rate of opening and unsubscribing from the newsletter can help determine the optimal frequency.

SPAM as scary as it is painted

Every third person never reads emails that fall into the spam folder. Sometimes 54% of respondents do this. And this means that companies can lose even one in three potential customers on inefficient shipments.

This is an element that companies sometimes underestimate gridhosting review. They care about the attractive title, content and graphics, and do not wonder if they have the right infrastructure for sending emails that will protect them from falling into spam. The use of specialized solutions is often the only option that not only the largest companies doing huge mail campaigns are increasingly starting to use, but also smaller online stores.


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