What to Expect During Your Dental Crown Procedure?

Posted by Lucy petterson on March 12th, 2020

A dental crown is like an artificial cap. It is placed on a tooth when the tooth is no more functional. A dental crown needs to be custom designed for each patient, as per their specific needs and anatomy. Crowns are commonly made of ceramic or porcelain. They act as fillers and protection for a weak tooth that might break off otherwise. Crowns can also be used to cover stained and malformed teeth. Overall, their primary function is to contribute towards improving the appearance and functionality of one or several teeth.

 How Do Dental Crowns Differ From Dental Bridges

A dental bridge does exactly what its name reflects. It acts as a bridge between gaps in the teeth. A dental bridge fills up the place created by missing teeth with a crown, which is supported by the normal healthy teeth on either side. If such a process is not carried out, it could lead to misalignment of the teeth as teeth have tendency to shift themselves into space where there is a gap. The most vital thing when considering dental crowns is the health of the existing teeth on either side of the missing tooth,since a crown can only be placed on the support of these neighboring teeth, just like how all the books shift when you take out a book from a group of books kept tightly in a bookshelf.

 A dental bridge is made up of an artificial filler tooth. This is called the pontic. Such a tooth is held in place by two surrounding crowns forming an abutment. This whole arrangement is cemented permanently into place. Dental bridges are one of the most recommended ways to fill in large gaps formed due to one or more missing teeth. Once complete, they give out a completely natural look. They also assist in chewing and speaking fluently.

Dental crowns are artificial caps that fit on top of the natural tooth. They help to support and safeguard the tooth from further damage. Dental crowns avert damage like cracking of a weakened tooth. They can even be used as a cover on misshapen/discolored/ worn-down teeth. They might even be used to replace a large filling.

 Both dental bridges and dental crowns are fixed and irremovable, unlike dentures.

 Dental bridges and crowns can be used in conjunction with each other. For instance, a crown could be used to guard a tooth that would act as an anchor for a dental bridge. They could also be used together with dental implants South East London and other procedures to enhance the overall appearance and health of the teeth.

 The Dental Crown Procedure

 Usually, couple of appointments are required to place a dental crown.

 The first appointment

In the first appointment, the practitioner of orthodontics South East London would take a mold of your tooth. This is then sent to a lab that would make the crown. Such a crown is made exactly as per the shade of your existing teeth and the precise gap it intends to fill. The practitioner of orthodontics South East London would also take an X-ray image of your jawline to be able to study the tooth and the bone tissue around the tooth that requires repair. Next, the orthodontist would work on the process of creating space for the dental crown. He may consider filing down parts of your existing tooth in order to make a place for a crown to fit. He may even use additional filling so as to build up a perfect structure for a crown to sit on. Once the new shape of the teeth is ready, a mould tray with a special paste would be used to take an impression of your tooth and its surrounding area. This process would be carried out after giving you a shot of local anaesthesia so that you remain comfortable and pain-free. He would then place a temporary crown on the tooth, this would protect the tooth and also keep it functionary, until the final crown is inserted in the next appointment.

The appointment usually lasts for about 60-90 minutes. 

In-between the two visits

Your orthodontist would send your impressions to the dental laboratory where your crown is made. This takes about two to three weeks.

The Second visit

Your practitioner of orthodontics South East London would remove the temporary teeth, check the fit and color match of the crown, re-file the mount, clean up any debris and then using a special adhesive place the crown. He would then check the fit of the crown and your bite, and make any necessary changes. Again, the whole process would be carried out under local anesthesia to make it comfortable and pain-free.

 This visit lasts for about an hour.

 The Mindful Dentist

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