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Posted by jason stewart on March 12th, 2020

The service “Dedicated server” (Eng. Dedicated server) is a rental physical server that belongs to the hosting provider to meet the technical needs (storage, processing, and transmission of information) of the tenant. Renting dedicated servers also includes ensuring the smooth operation of equipment, server administration, and other services.

The user who has received the best dedicated server hosting uk gets the right to all of his resources. Therefore, there is a huge scope for choosing the operating system that will be installed on the server. The authority of the owner of a dedicated server also includes the choice of the type of database, the ability to install any software, including unique and proprietary software. Thus, the user configures the server based on their own needs and the main tasks that they plan to carry out using the server.

If you compare a dedicated server with shared hosting, you will notice that the second option involves sharing machine resources with the owners of other accounts. In this case, the user must work on the server configuration provided by the hoster, adjusting its tasks to the multi-user structure.

Dedicated server - a reasonable solution for the creation and operation of sites that require a large number of resources. Dedicated Server provides uninterrupted operation and stability under any load, unlike the server used for dozens and hundreds of user accounts.

Server colocation provides the  dedicated server is not only an individual server configuration for a specific user but also a solution to complex technical problems. In the case when the database on a regular server consumes an excessive amount of resources, web applications may become inaccessible to website visitors. In another situation, when technical work is carried out on a web server, clients do not get access to the database. To solve such problems, the database should be placed on a dedicated server. Thanks to this, web applications will function smoothly, and the database will be available to customers even when the web server is unavailable. A dedicated server is of no small importance for protecting databases from intruders. Storing important information on a separate server limits attempts to unauthorized access to it.

Rent dedicated servers

Why rent dedicated servers with colocation uk? As a rule, a dedicated server is needed for large projects that are highly loaded and have a lot of traffic. Some companies have their servers to ensure the functioning of large Internet projects, but if you do not have the opportunity to spend resources on supporting and administering a personal server, the dedicated server rental service will be a great alternative!

A dedicated server administered by the provider allows you to implement a project of any complexity. Renting dedicated servers allows you to get a personal physical server with round-the-clock technical support for a small fee. Renting a server from our company saves you from the cost of buying routers, routers and other devices since the organization of network infrastructure lies on our shoulders.

Renting dedicated servers is usually used by medium and large businesses when a corporate web site can significantly simplify the work with a huge range of products and no less huge number of customers. A dedicated server will easily provide an online store of any size. At the same time, you do not need to spend money on maintaining the IT department, our experts will take care of administering the server, and modern web site management systems allow even beginners to change the information on their pages. Therefore, renting a server is an excellent outlet for a company whose commercial interests are closely linked to the Internet.

If you decide to rent a dedicated server, contact us! Renting dedicated servers is characterized by affordable prices and a high level of service. A physically rented dedicated server will be located in the best data centers in the Russian Federation, and our specialists will ensure its smooth operation!

Do you need to buy a dedicated server hosting for you?

However, despite all the obvious advantages of buying, remember that hosting a dedicated server is usually an order of magnitude more expensive. This drawback is overcome by the use of cloud technology, which allows you to create virtual servers that are almost no different from physical ones, but cheaper. Therefore, especially for you, we have compiled a comparative description of dedicated and virtual server hosting. Having studied it, make the best choice for yourself consciously.

The lower rental cost in any colocation hosting is different, since the price is “divided” between tenants of virtual servers.

A physical server is shared among several clients.

We see that, in essence, VPS is very similar to VDS, with the only difference being that when using cloud technology, there can be several virtual servers on the physical hard disk. At the same time, neither the quality of the service nor the functionality is affected. An exception can only be cases when it comes to launching a large-scale game that requires a large amount of power from the system. 

However, in practice, such situations are rarely realized.

Pay attention to the tariffs of our company. Renting a cloud hosting service with us is a reliable investment, as we guarantee all significant services to our customers at an adequate price.



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