Connect The Water Purifier to The Dispenser Tap & Faucet

Posted by ko on March 12th, 2020

1. Install the water purifier host and accessories

Some water purifiers require special taps. Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet of the water purifier are mostly gooseneck taps, which are usually installed on the kitchen's conditioning table and need to be perforated. When installing the water purifier, insert one end of the opened RO membrane with two black "O" rings into the RO membrane tube, insert it to the bottom, and then tighten the tube end cap. Remove the water inlet PE pipe of RO membrane pipe and put it into a container. Turn on the power supply after opening the water source. Fill the first three pre-treated filter shells with water and let the black primary filter water flow away. After the black water flows out, turn off the power supply and replace the removed RO membrane pipe with the water inlet PE pipe.

2. Connect water inlet, water outlet and sewage outlet

After the main unit of the water purifier is installed, the water inlet tee is connected. Close the main valve of tap water, wrap the threaded inlet of the ball valve with a raw material tape for several turns, then connect the PE pipe at the side hole of the inlet tee and at the outlet of the ball valve. After measuring the distance, cut the PE pipe and connect the water inlet tee to the PE pipe before connecting to the water inlet of the water purifier. Connect the PE pipe to the water inlet of the main machine. The water inlet of the all-in-one machine and the box-type water purifier are generally on the outside of the machine. Connect the PE pipe to the rear activated carbon here, which is the water outlet.

3. Flushing and debugging

The last step is to turn on the switch, drain the water for about 20 minutes, and wash for a long time, during which some black water will flow out. This is a small amount of carbon powder, which is a normal phenomenon. Don't drink the water for the first day or two, put in more water for a few days, and when the water quality becomes stable, you can drink it directly.

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