ideas of how to install pedestal sinks

Posted by aihw on March 12th, 2020

It looks so elegant and supports a sink on a slender stem --

No wonder the base sink is so popular in the display of bath equipment.

Yes, they look good, and they are also attractive in classic shapes.

What\'s more, they can make a small space bigger, especially if there was a vanity space before.

However, you may lose storage when you put in the base sink.

Also, it\'s more complicated to install than it looks: you need to remove the wall cover to install the splints to support the sink. That\'s right -

The base sink is basically a wall. mounted sink.

All the base does is partially blur the waste line and trapand look good.

Contrary to the \"beautiful\" photos in the pipeline catalog, the base sink does not eliminate the need to view the pipeline lines.

The power cord on the actually installed base sink is connected to the shut-off valve located on both sides of the base-

They are very conspicuous.

This needs to be remembered if you prefer a pedestal sink.

Install support block: Since the sink part of the base sink is attached to the wall, you need to attach a splint between the wall bolts to support it properly.

First locate the wall nail with the stud finder, then remove only enough wall cloth to reveal the wall nail.

Next, cut the bolts with a hand saw and a chisel to accept the support splints and secure them on the bolts with 3 \"galvanized screws.

Reinstall the drywall: With the support splint, you can reinstall the drywall.

Carefully measure and cut a piece to fit.

Then measure and lay the pipe holes and cut them with a drywall saw or a hole saw.

Place the drywall on the wall and fix it on the nail with drywall screws or nails. Install sink-

Mounting hardware: the sink will be attached to the wall and support clamp plate in one of three ways: it will hang on the bracket on the splint, it will be fixed on the splint with a hook bolt, or both.

Whichever method is used, it is better to set the sink on the base and set both in the final position against the wall.

Then mark the position of the bracket, or mark it to the wall through the mounting hole of the sink.

Drill recommendation-

The size hole of the screw or bolt, and with the help of the assistant, fix the sink in place and fix it with the hardware provided.

Install taps and pop-

Up mechanism: install the faucet, tailboard and pop-before installing the sink to the wall-

Start mechanism now

After installing the faucet, set the sink in place and fix it with the hardware provided.

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