Stress Management

Posted by kalpesh on August 13th, 2010

STRESS MANAGEMENT With the advancement in the technology and ever changing lifestyle, stress is become part of our lives and every one of us experiences it more or less. Whether it is the work place or at home, there are some issues, which will cause stress to our lives. Some issues are common, like in the office, you are not able to cope up with the work load, you are not able to meet the deadlines, your boss is not appreciating your work, you are not getting due promotion, you are not getting enough co-operation from your colleagues or you are stuck up in a job where there is no further scope of development in your career, all these issues are capable enough to cause you stress. At home, issues like education of the children, financial planning, property or health related issues, these are all common issues, which can cause stress. Stress is affecting our lives in a damaging way. It can spoil our mental and physical health, it can cause frustration and even it can change our attitude towards life. Sometimes small amount of stress leads us to perform better under the pressure. Different people have different approaches to handle stress. Some people are capable enough to handle stressful situation in a tactful manner, however some people are not able cope up with the stressful situation is a proper manner. If we don?t kill stress, stress will kill us. We must work out strategy to handle stress. First we should try to find out what is the root cause of the stress, after that we should work out strategy to eliminate that cause. Some people resort to habits like consuming alcohol and smoking. Let?s take a look at some stress relieving tips: YOGA AND BREATHING EXERCISES Try out yoga and breathing exercises, Allocate some time for these activities and follow the schedule strictly. It will help you a lot to handle stressful situation. You will feel relaxed and it will improve your productivity, your attitude towards life will change. SOCIALISATION Don?t live in isolation, try to socialize, join some club, or make friends and organize events. You will feel relaxed, and it will improve your personal life. This will help you to fight stressful situation. Give time to your family, play with your children, and spend time with your spouse, this will help improve your personal life and in turn make you stronger fighting the stress. PLANNING You need to plan your work, finances properly. Don?t make commitments which you can?t deliver. Plan your work properly and stick to the schedule, It will help you to achieve goals in the office. You need to make proper planning of your finances, this will lead you to less stressful situation is life.

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