5 Top Interior Design Trends For 2020

Posted by vivek choudhary on March 12th, 2020

As we have already closed out a decade showcased by distinctive interior design trends hovering between midcentury and Memphis-inspired, we're getting our eyes fixated on what 2020 has in store for us. Curves are all the rage these days. irrespective of whether they're about patterns comprising furniture, doorways, or free-form shapes, curvy structures are gaining momentum with their all-pervasive presence in the design scenario. Moreover, you'll find organic materials such as wood, cane, and textiles springing up all across the home in ultra-modern ways.

  • Read on to gain an understanding of the interior design trends poised to make a mark in 2020.
  1. In-built seating arrangement

o   This is a highly innovative small-space solution that helps carve out and convert a wall into a sitting area.

o   Irrespective of whether it's a window-grazing perch that offers a great view or comfy niche ideal for your reading bent, a seating assemblage that's built-in tots up a character to a roomy setting.

o   Furthermore, it can come up with an excellent technique to save space.

o   A professional who teaches interior designing course Delhi says that fun and fine architectural details such as these are making an entry with a splash in 2020 in the interior design landscape.

  1. Arches

o   Another architectural art that's making headway is the arch.

o   These are idiosyncratically carved windows and doorways that assume resemblance to Grecian cave houses.

o   The design is smoothly brought into being by means of pared-down treatment.

o   It’s delineated with clean linings with any hint of ornate detailing.

o   A teacher of an interior designing institute Delhi suggests if you're not ready to do any structural changes to your home, still you may give the unique trend a shot by putting up a huge-sized arched mirror on the wall.

  1. Fat furniture

o   Curve-shaped pieces of furniture are also taking center-stage.

o   Gigantic upholstered items, for instance, sofas, divans, and sporadically placed chairs are getting revivified in the form of undulating and occasionally asymmetrical designs that derive inspiration from the decor of the '70s.

o   So, according to an expert from interior designing institute in Delhi, in 2020, being fat and rounded is the new perfect angle.

  1. Modern wood paneling

o   Even though a generous dose of wood paneling doesn't make you recall a modernistic home right away, it's apparent that the sentiment is up for a changeover.

o   A professional who has graduated from an interior designing college in Delhi reveals that when done in skinny, slatted styles, or implemented at exciting angles wood-paneled walls can evoke a feeling of freshness and no-clutter.

o   And, you won't find any of the rooms beyond limits, in particular, kitchens and bathrooms, where the presence of wood paneling may bring in a lot of warmth and be pleasing to the eye.

  1. Dusty greens

o   A design specialist from an interior design institute in Delhi states that although, it's classic blue that has been acclaimed as Pantone's color of the year, dusty greens are rolling over the design walls in abundance as well.

o   Right from olive and moss to pistachio, greens benumbed with varied touches of grey have gained considerable traction in modern homes these days.

o   These one-off muted tones serve as an agreeable pop of color to aficionados sticking to neutrals in general.

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