Vocational Prospects of Under-Grad in Architecture and Pharmacy

Posted by Naveen Agarwal on March 12th, 2020

In this article, we will discuss a few of the specializations of an architect which can be one of the avenues for the architect candidates. Also, we will be taking over pharmacy opportunities after completion of B.Pharm. 

 Architect Degree

As we all are aware that there is a lot of opportunities for aspiring architects in the fast-growing field. The students may find themselves at an exciting, challenging and sometimes, daunting career gates. Few of the specializations which we are going to talk here about our Product Design/Industrial Design/Furniture Design and Film Set Design. 

Product Design/Industrial Design/Furniture Design:

For this expertise, architects must have in-depth knowledge of 3-dimensional designs. One can pursue postgraduate courses from prestigious institutes such as IITs or NID. After pursuing the course, one can look for a job in any of the manufacturing industries, from furniture manufacturers to automobile factories to designing space shuttles. Furniture Design is a very specialized field which can further include sustainable furniture design with very attractive packages. 

Film Set Design:

With a large number of movies in the world by the Indian Bollywood field, art directors and set designer's requirements are very high. Freshly graduates can either go for another course of B.Design or post-graduation or opt for an apprenticeship with a recognized set designer. After a few years of experience, they can start their own business. 


There are many career opportunities after pursuing B.Pharm. Following are some of the vocation prospects one can opt for:

Higher Studies: One can opt for M.Phar, MBA  or Ph.D. for enhancing their techniques and go for the jobs in the research institutes, pharma companies, chemical companies for manufacturing drugs/medicines, or in universities and colleges. They can also take up overseas courses like in UK, USA, Australia by qualifying GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc entrances.

 Marketing: Commonly known as MR, the demand for Mrs are high in pharmaceutical companies.

 Clinical Research: Now, fresh graduates of B.Pharm can work as a medical underwriter, data validation associates, CRO, clinical research associates, etc..

 Quality Control: In government analysis jobs, where the graduates have to develop, apply, revise and maintain the quality standards for processing chemicals into partial or finished products. They help in designing and implementing methods and procedures of quality testing.

 Scientists: The graduates can be taken for R&D and F&D as there is much research going on in India. 

 Lecturer: Academics can also be one of the opportunities for graduates. Many colleges offer diploma holders also work as a lecturer. 

 Production: Pharma industry absorbs many graduates in manufacturing & production units. This includes all the types of drugs in various dosage forms. They also involve in the production of cosmetics. 

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We wish you all the best in choosing the right career opportunity!

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