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Posted by Asim Malik on March 12th, 2020

The success of our businesses highly depends on the core values we apply. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, ensure that you set your beliefs and activities in principles that can be admired. Don’t set principles that only favor you as an individual. Come up with principles that make your life and those around you more comfortable and bearable. This is the secret of success and survival for any business enterprise you will ever set up.

When it comes to running of business for Muslims, they have business ethics that dictate how business for Muslims should be conducted. Islamic business ethics is simply the code of moral principles set down or prescribed by the Sunnah (sayings or Hadith of Prophet Muhammad) and the Quran. Although ethics vary in different communities, and what is right in one community might be described as unethical in another, these ones are different.

Islamic business ethics runs across all communities and are accepted all over the world. This is the reason why, you will find Halal business almost everywhere you go. In every community where there are Muslims, you will definitely find one or two shops with Halal symbol.

What does Halal business mean?

Many businesses for Muslims have the symbol Halal Business. However, there are many people who have never understood what Halal means and why it is that important among the Muslim community. Halal simply means permissible or acceptable in accordance to Islamic Sharia law. Halal is an Arabic word and this word is normally used to refer to goods and services that are permissible to Muslims.

Halal business can encompass medicines, food, catering as well as clothing among many others. what this simply means, things that are not Halal are not acceptable in the Muslim community and hence, they should keep off. This comes in place for new converts who have not understood the core values and principles of the Islamic faith.

Goods and services that are not Halal are said to be haram. This means, you will never find businesses for Muslim dealing with things they consider as Haram. A good example is the selling of pork. You will never find Muslim selling pork no matter how marketable it is as it is against their codes of ethics. This means, that all businesses run by Muslims have to be Halal businesses regardless of who is running them. 

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