How Can You Watch Ford v Ferrari (2019) Movie

Posted by Fitria on March 12th, 2020

How Can You Watch Ford v Ferrari (2019) Movie

The events narrated in Contra lo imposible are part of the great history of sports car racing. They took place in 1966 during the 24 hours of Le Mans, an ideal competition for his cinematographic recreation. But unlike the film set in that same career that Steve McQueen starred in 1971, this play is intended for an audience that goes far beyond the nut world.

Here are vibrant sequences installed on the track, extraordinary visual displays and montage to take us to live the full experience of that dizzying world, but Contra lo imposible (rather whimsical local title) tells us more than anything else: about conviction and the decision of two characters willing to overcome adversities to achieve victory, something of which they are fully convinced.

The world of motorsports knows the story of Carroll Shelby, an American driver who won Le Mans in 1959 and due to physical problems was forced to become a designer and team manager. And also that of Ken Miles, a British runner praised at the time for his virtuous mix of calculation and risk behind the wheel. The two form an alliance not sparking to fulfill Ford's desire: to defeat the proud Ferrari (a brand proud of its more artisanal than industrial profile) in the most risky car race on the calendar.

With a classic imprint, fluid narration and bulk emotions, Against the Impossible seems like a tribute to Howard Hawks' cinema: a masculine world of iron friendships and deep convictions and foolproof professionalism always ready to take action. And in which the woman is also capable of testing her strength and helping any question to end resolved. Here both the pure action scenes and the moments of intimacy and dramatic depth in which the certainties of the characters are brought into play work perfectly. And the film, at the same time, is the triumph of individual decision over a certain logic embodied by corporate strategies, another example of the classic spirit that marks the entire story.

The protagonists are used as never before. Damon once again demonstrates his talent to express all the emotions of his character from an admirable containment and Bale this time finds in his Ken Miles a perfect vehicle to put into play all his acting intensity. Along with them, Letts takes over a couple of memorable scenes like Henry Ford II.


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