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Wholesale Body Jewellery | Belly Bars, Earrings | Titanium Jewellery

Posted by bodyjewelery on March 12th, 2020

Different Belly Jewelry for every occasion:

 With the wide variety of jewelry in the market for your piercing, it’s hard to choose which one to wear for your various occasion. Each comes in a different design, style, shape and made with high or low-quality material. Therefore, it’s good to have a variety from us for you to choose form.

So, in this guide, we will be sharing with you the different belly jewelry from wholesale body jewelry that you can wear to these occasions:


 For school, we recommend a piece of belly jewelry that is subtle. The jewelry will stand out on your stomach but it won’t be overbearing. Our Sterling Silver Oval Shape Flower jewelry is suitable for school. It is a minimalistic design that allows you to look good without standing out. It is hand polished with the best stainless steel and crystals. Therefore, it will cause a negative reaction with your skin.


 For date nights with your significant other, our customers love the “Sterling Silver Botanical Flower”. This belly jewelry is a pink flower with silver linings. It is made with high-quality stainless steel to avoid any form of damage to your skin. Although it is shown in pink, there is a variety of other cools for you to choose from.


 And, for a girl’s night out you should wear matching belly jewelry with your girlfriends. Our sterling silver butterfly is perfect for any girl’s night out. Not only is it made of the best quality material, but it comes in various sizes. Therefore, there is a length that is perfect for you and your friends who are of varying body sizes.


 We all love summer breaks because it means “suns out, and swimsuit outs”. While we’re parading around in our cute, skimpy, and fitted swimsuits, we need a piece of belly jewelry to spice it up. We recommend our Sterling Silver Flower Design. This belly bar comes in various colors for you to mix and match with your swimsuit. As well as, different lengths to fit the size of your navel.


 In some traditions, belly jewelry is allowed, for example, Indian formal events. During these events, the “Sangeet” is worn which is a beautiful tail length dress that is accentuated with the different designs, symbols and even beads in a two-piece form. Therefore, you can wear your belly jewelry along with your Sangeet to your family or friend’s event. We recommend the Sterling Silver Fire Blaze CZ Crystal. This has a simplistic design that you are able to pear with any colored outfit that you have.

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