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Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

Before you go overseas, think about the gadgets you\'re going to pack, because smart choices can have a huge impact on your entire trip.

Travel gadgets are useful from entertainment to keeping in touch and even looking around.

Still, the rise in airline fees makes the airline charge for excess baggage equal to Ghana\'s GDP.

As a result of this, packing a whole pack of gadgets is not an option at all, so it is better for each gadget to pass some strict standards in order to be eligible to find a position in the luggage.

Not only should each gadget be as light as possible, but it should also meet multiple needs and even better at the same time.

Travel power adapter RRP 4 Belkin F5L010au.

The travel adapter at 00 Belkin may not be the sexiest travel gadget, but it\'s easy to be the most useful.

It contains multiple connection options that can be used with almost any laptop or gadget as it also contains the built-in

In terms of surge protection, valuable electronic products will not be destroyed by the unreliable third world power supply.

It also charges my phone, digital camera and iPod.

Adapter with bundled car cigarette lights and-

Flight power connector, you can go wherever you go.

Black box M14 noise canceling headphones RRP 9.

The economy is really bad.

When you twist into an economy class seat, you are not only forced to get in close contact with a complete stranger, but also unreliable aviation food and ideas --


A flying movie that competes with it.

The straw that breaks the proverbial geek back is noise.

If you don\'t know what I\'m talking about, try this: Take a vacuum cleaner and put it under the sofa.

Sit on the couch now, turn it on, watch TV, have dinner, and even have a conversation.

Multiply this by 8-

You know what I mean in 12 hours.

Noise canceling headphones (

Sample ambient noise using built-in

In the microphone and use clever digital signal processing to eliminate annoying jet engine noise)

Let you hear music, movies, and even take a nap nearbysilence.

Blackbox M14 noise canceling headphones are locally designed to be one of the best headphones you can buy and have a huge impact reducing the maddening roar of the jet engine to almost

Power with AAA battery that is easy to replace (


They are equipped with an airline-compatible plug adapter and a beautiful suitcase that makes them very easy to pack.

TomTom Go 930 gps rrp 9.

In A strange country, there is no need for such A tense experience from A to B.

Car Rental in Italy and other countries (

Its roaming is designed by Monty Python)or the US (

Where is the highway?

User manual required for ramp)

No GPS just ask for navigation related-

Marriage pressure.

Not all GPS devices are equal, and TomTom\'s Go 930 has a bunch of really beautiful, novel and even fun features that really make it different.

However, the best thing is 45 maps (

Covering Australia, Europe and the United States)pre-

No matter where you travel, it\'s possible to work without you having to purchase additional maps.

Add FM transmitter on this basis (

It can transfer the music on the SD card to your car stereo), Bluetooth (

Safe and legal use of mobile phones)

You have a good start.

Most interestingly, in addition to the default sound, the 930 can load the voice of the celebrity, making the turn more interesting by turning to the navigation.

My demo unit is pre-

There are Mr T, John Chris and Homer Simpson.

Told \"I pity the crazy fool who doesn\'t turn left\" despite missing a pass-

Let Homer Simpson shout \"Doh!

It\'s also a giggle.

The most useful thing, however, is that 930 can automatically re-route on-the-

When we make a frequent navigation mistake, we fly.

Traveling with GPS like TomTom Go 930 is a simple thing.

9 32 gb iPod Touch RRP.

With all the hype around the iPhone 3GS, it\'s easy to forget that it\'s more svelte\'s cousin iPod Touch.

It\'s a real shame because it\'s easy to be one of the best travel gadgets ever.

Not only can it contain a lot of music (

In my case, both are

Relax the sound of the flight and the broad road-trip playlist)But it\'s built. in Wi-

Fi, web browser and email client allow me to access the Internet and keep in touch near wireless hotspotspot.

In addition to its interior

Flight music to keep a sense of duty, I also went

Shop crazy at the iTunes app store and buy a bunch of beautiful iPod apps.

Not only did Wolfenstein 3D give me a vintage blast from the past, but it also made the entire hour of flight disappear.

Sim City made me design my own iPod

Tropolis, will be forgotten for up to 4 hours of flight time.

However, the best part is that I have all these features in my shirt pocket.

Belkin TuneCast FM transmitter RRP .

95 TuneCast Auto for packaging Belkin is not a difficult task.

Not only does it take up almost no space, but it turns out to be very useful.

It\'s convenient to be able to plug it into almost any iPod and transfer the sound to the stereo of our car rental via FM, but where it really shines is its built-in lighter adapter, it kept my iPod alive throughout our trip.

Belkin\'s Tunecast also has a ClearScan button that automatically finds the clearest position in the FM frequency, making it relatively a re-option to use it

Free experience.

Belkin retractable iPod auxiliary audio RRP .

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, the entire FM spectrum is so chaotic that in-

Car iPod audio can only be obtained by plugging my iPod directly into the auxiliary input of our car rental stereo.

Belkin\'s retractable auxiliary cable came in from here.

There is a 2 at both ends.

5mm stereo jack (

One for iPod headphone socket and the other for car stereo auxiliary input).

Packaging auxiliary cables are not allowed at all

A mind as big as an old man

A piece of 50 cents for the school, it is small because two cables are also easy to take back the packaging.

Belkin headphone splitter RRP .

Belkin\'s headphone split cable has less luggage space than the retractable cable.

Believe me, this-

If you travel with your iPod

Also, this is probably the best you can invest in.

It is essentially a \"Y\"-shaped audio sub-cable that allows you to share iPod audio and keep you the same (

And your other half)sane when in-

The choice of flying movies and the choice of reading are almost exhausted.

Just plug one end into the iPod and the other end into two headphones to get the stereo audio frequency of the two headphones.

Fuji 3D W1 camera RRP ,981.

00 to now, taking 3D photos with bulky stereo cameras and quirky 3D glasses used to be a habit of photography nerds.

However, Fujifilm has achieved a seemingly impossible goal and launched a 3D pocket point available to get a 3D camera.

Fuji 3D W1 converts the captured scene to real using two image sensors (

Free glasses)

3D on the back 2 of the camera. 8-

Inch LCD display.

Fuji also bundled an 8 thoughtfully. 4-

Inch 3D digital photo frame for viewing more practical 3D photos at home, as a more permanent solution, can also print out amazing good 3D photos.

3D W1 may not be as compact as a normal old Pointand-

Taking a digital camera, its UI took some time to adapt, but it was handy and was able to take 3D photos adding a whole new dimension to taking holiday photos.

The original price of PSP Go is 9. Sony\'s latest portable game package has won a place in luggage (and my heart)

There are two key reasons.

First of all, it is much smaller and lighter than its chubby predecessors (

For example, when you slide the fabric into your pocket, you don\'t hear the sound of tearing the fabric)

Secondly, leaving my PS3 for more than 24 hours will cause me to explode in the hive.

The small form factor of PSP Go does not affect the game because of its excellent 3. 8-

Inch tft LCD screen slide up to show all common

Game PSP control.

Pre-load a bunch of games on the built-in 16 gb flash memory (

Micro can be expanded with memory stick)

I saved a demo of Patapon, resistance revenge, Ridge Racing 2 and God of War.

When used with BlackBox noise canceling headphones and Belkin\'s in-

Flying power adapter, feeling very short for a long trip and being able to get a certain dose of vitamin PlayStation while on vacation also made me not have a hive. Wicked.

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