Important Things To Know About Chicken Biryani Recipe

Posted by rima chauhan on March 13th, 2020

History of chicken biryani recipe:

In 1398, Timur, a Turk-Mongol conqueror brought biryani to India. According to the historians, Timur started serving chicken biryani to his soldiers and it was used as a war campaign diet. On the other part, people believed that biryani was brought by the Arab traders, and it was introduced in the Southern Malabar Coast area in India. Even, you can find a similar dish in Tamil literature, which is known as Oon Soru. It is prepared with rice, ghee, coriander, pepper, bay leaf and turmeric. But, there is no chicken in this dish.

However, people largely believed that chicken biryani recipe is a Mughal recipe, and it was invented by Mumtaz. Once she visited the army barracks and found her soldiers weak. So she asked her chef to prepare a special dish with meat and rice, and her chef prepared the chicken biryani recipe. Later, chicken biryani recipe got a huge popularity by the Nizams of Hyderabad and also from the Nawabs of Lucknow.

Formally, biryani was prepared by the Dum Pukht method. All ingredients were slowly cooked in a clay pot, over charcoal. The edges of the pot were sealed with dough and it was prepared with its own juices. Even, you can find this chicken biryani recipe still now in some parts of India, but nowadays clay pots are generally not used.

Apart from chicken and other types of meat, you can also find some unique chicken biryani recipes in the coastal areas which are cooked with fish, prawns and crabs. But, in all types of biryani, rose water, edible ittar and kewra water are used.

There are mainly two types of biryanis available in India such as the Kutchi or raw biryani and the Pukki or cooked biryani. Raw meat with multiple layers of rice is used in Kutchi or raw biryani, and cooked meat or chicken are used in the Pukki or cooked biryani.

During the British period, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah introduced a special chicken biryani recipe In Calcutta. He was banished by the British and he could not afford meat due to budget constraints. So he added chicken marinated with yoghurt along with fried potato in his biryani.  

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