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Strawberry Quartz

Welcome to the World of Strawberry Quartz -

The name and Nature of this Gemstone may be a little self-explanatory but it is still important to Explain how and why it has made a Permanent and unforgotten place in the rapidly-evolving Gemstone industry. Rumor has it that the color of this Gemstone resembles a Strawberry’s so much that it is possible to mistake the Stone for the Delicious Fruit chunks sometimes - Strawberry Quartz

Everyone who has held this Gemstone in person can vouch for the fact that its deep pink color is highly Attractive.

Strawberry Quartz is a type of Quartz. It is the mixture of Goethite and Iron Oxide that fill the Crystalline Matrix.

When paired with a November Birthstone such as Topaz, this Gemstone is able to inspire feelings of Love within you and also aid you in having more positive thoughts.

Know My Origin!

strawberry quartzIt is reassuring to note that 12% of the Earth’s crust is made of the Quartz mineral. By this Calculation, it is easy to come to the Conclusion that it will be available to mankind for Quite some time.

Strawberry Quartz can be classified as ‘rare’ and its deep Pink Color can be attributed to the Iron Oxide inclusions in it. Confusing it with Rose Quartz is common but it is important to note that Rose Quartz is made of Silicon Dioxide and the Tiny inclusions of pink fibers are known as dumortierite.

Mainly found in Mexico and Africa, this Naturally-occurring Gemstone can be found in Light Pink, Strawberry Pink or a Raspberry Pink color. Other countries in which it is found are Brazil, Russia and Kazakhstan.

My Quality & Value -

With absolutely Incredible quality, this Gemstone can be combined with other Gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Rose Quartz, etc. in order to attain the best results when you are on a meditation expedition or indulging in your day-to-day activities.

Its Quality is also trusted by healers and therapists as they can take the help of this Gemstone to radiate soothing energies that help people overcome their innermost troubles.

This Gemstone’s value intensifies when one is made aware of the fact that it is also known by the sobriquet ‘Stone Of Inner Love’. This makes Jewelry Lovers gravitate more towards it as it helps to nurture authentic feelings of Love in them and their near and dear ones.

As this Gemstone comprises of a high-vibration Crystal, it is possible to either keep it at the center of one’s home or wear it as jewelry. Either way, this Gemstone is jam-packed with greatness.

One can also meditate with the Gemstone as it will help them align their imbalanced energy fields and regulate their mental and physical health.

Among hundreds of enlightening Experiences that exist, there’s one in which a depressed man who was intolerant of his family’s Opinions and Decisions started using Strawberry Quartz by having it charged with his name beside his bed. In only a short period of time, his demeanor changed and he became more accepting of his Family Members.

I Am A Healer!

It is known that Strawberry Quartz carries the vibrations of the Clear Quartz. This instantaneously means that the Strawberry Quartz is a spectacular Healing Gemstone.

People often wear them in order to Attract their Soul mates. Soul mates are people who will love them unconditionally and challenge them to do better every day.

What can be stated with absolute conviction is that Strawberry Quartz gives one the power to Love, to understand why they have been put where they are and to motivate them to see the Light of the day every Morning.

This Gemstone is highly recommended for people who have extremely busy schedules and do not even have a second to be grateful for their existence.

Another perk of wearing such a Gemstone is that when an individual wears it, their feelings of Love and Gratitude are intensified and amplified so much that they transfer to other individuals too.

Strawberry Quartz is not just a Gemstone, it is the key to the treasure that is the inner-self of the individual. By wearing this Gemstone, they can gain insight into their own psyche and comprehend what their persona Constitutes in this chaotic and complicated World.

Whether you are mediating or travelling, Strawberry Quartz is an Ideal Gemstone to hold on to as it will be like a personal and trustworthy companion that will exude the Cleanest and Purest Energies into the surroundings.

This Gemstone is Unique because it brings the Body, Mind and soul to a state that is balanced and wholesome. It also manages to make the Heart and Crown Chakra come to harmony with each other. This is known to have wonderful effects on moods and people learn to look forward to their lives. It’s the peacefulness and the delight that the Strawberry Quartz promises to propagate in all the lives it is made a part of.

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