Basic structure of circular connector

Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

Although the circular connector is not big, its structure is quite complex, the basic structure is cylindrical, and has a circular plug surface, its main components are shell, contact parts, insulation, attachment this a few. The following is a good introduction to the basic components.

1, The shell

The housing, also known as the enclosure, is the outer cover of the circular connector, which provides mechanical protection for the inner insulation mounting plate and pins, and provides alignment when the plug and socket are plugged together, thereby securing the connector to the device.

2. Contact parts

Contact is the circular connector to complete the electrical connection function of the core. Generally, the contact pair is composed of positive contact parts and negative contact parts, and the electric connection is completed through the insertion of Yin and Yang contact parts.

The positive contact is rigid () and the shape is cylindrical (round pin), square pin (square pin) or flat (insert). Positive contacts are generally made of brass or phosphor bronze. The negative contact is the jack, is the key of contact pairs, it depends on the elastic structure when the pin inserted with the elastic deformation and produce elastic strength and positive contact to form a close contact, complete connection. Jack has a variety of structures, a cylinder type (split groove, reducing), a tuning fork type, cantilever type 梁 (longitudinal slot), folding type (longitudinal slot, 9 glyph), box (square socket) and hyperboloid line spring socket etc.

3. Insulators

Insulators, also known as bases or inserts, are used to arrange contacts at the desired position and spacing and to provide insulation between contacts and between contacts and enclosures. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and ease of processing are the basic requirements for selecting insulation materials to be processed into insulators.

4, The attachment

Accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as clamping ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, connection ring, cable clip, sealing ring, gasket, etc. Installation accessories such as nails, female screws, cymbals, spring coils, etc.Most of the accessories have standard parts and common parts.

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