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Posted by alexa smith on March 13th, 2020

cheap essay writers and students have woes that are far beyond the common understanding of folks. They fail to see the burden of jobs, projects, endless other tasks that plagues the lives of the young students. Fear not for this essay proposal topic will help you get a better hang of the things. Proposal essays can initiate heart attack in many students. While that is true and a proven fact yet the fight with the proposal essays must continue. This article gives you the seven commandments if you will and do not mind biblical references on the best way to select your essay proposal.

However, before we get carried away what do you mean by a proposal essay? A proposal essay identifies a problem and suggests a solution to that problem. It’s a type of argumentative essay, but with a slightly different format and more research. These type of essays are very common in business classes and science essays but it is not strictly limited to those disciplines only they are used in several other disciplines as well. These require time and proper research to formulate arguments that is supported by relevant evidence to back it up.  So here are some 7 tips on how to write better proposal essay or choose the topic.

  1. Topic of interest: choose a topic that resonates with you best. In other essays you can use a lot of fabrication (we all are guilty of it) imagination and creativity. But not here, proposal essays need thorough research and proper understanding of the subject matter. For example if you are passionate about teaching you can choose a topic such as, how can children get a good physical education in elementary school? If it is social media then choose a topic that is related to social media and write about that.  
  2. Needs to have support: in this essay you need to a lot of research. You cannot fake information and hope that professor will not notice, be lest assured they will and you will be penalized for it. Do not simply state your opinion, have the proof to support your claim. If you are saying that social media is a good source of income and hence should be encouraged back it up with research that supports your claim. Talk about your topic in a structured and factual manner supported by existing literature.
  3. Topic should be argumentative: as mentioned earlier proposal essays are a type of argumentative essay it is important that the topic is an argument that makes it easier to validate and write. Address the opposing viewpoints in your essay so that the essay seems to be a well-rounded essay that has the view point of both side.  When the topic is one sided then the argument does not hold much validity.
  4. Think about the readers: keep the audience in your mind when you choose your essay topic. So even when you are writing for your class the tone of the essay should not be casual but formal as it is a work of the academic.
  5. Relevant topic: it is better if the topic you choose is relevant to the current social issues or such that it helps you find relevant data easily and fast. A relevant topic will also be better appreciated by the audience.
  6. Correct information: like mentioned before the information that you send out needs to be valid and true. DO NOT make up things and write just to prove your point.
  7. Correct grammar: cannot stress enough the importance of correct grammar and style of writing. The writing if too mundane will be boring for the reader and that means that your professor is likely to be less engaged in the topic. Meaning less marks or lower grade.

    We hope the above rules and tips or commandments were helpful to you happy writing.


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