What should be paying attention to before and after the tattoo

Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

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What should be noticed before and after the tattoo

Before you get a tattoo, ask about the place where you got it and the level of the tattoo artist. Generally speaking, the tattoo needs to choose a regular place, it is best to have a photo of the beauty hospital or tattoo shop, tattoo used all the equipment, need special disinfection, and the needle had better choose disposable.

Because the process of the tattoo will come into contact with the blood, so the disinfection of the equipment is particularly important if it is in the ordinary small face tattoo, there are certain unsafe factors. Already in such place tattoo, had better check-in time second liver antibody, AIDS antibody. Dirty appliances carry a risk of spreading the disease.

In general, after receiving a bleeding cosmetic program such as a tattoo, one must observe one's health within 3 to 4 months. Many people will be tested for hepatitis b and tested for AIDS by ai Wei's saliva after getting a tattoo. And pay attention to the tattoo on the anti-inflammatory and keep the skin dry, pay attention not to contact dirty water, so as to avoid infection.

Finally, before the tattoo, be sure to see their own skin is allergic to the coloring portion of the tattoo, if allergic, had better not tattoo.

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