How to Obtain More patients in Your Dental Clinic and Retain the Existing client

Posted by curiedentist on March 13th, 2020

How to Obtain More patients in Your Dental Clinic and Retain the Existing clientele?

Running a clinic can be very similar to any other service-based businesses in terms of retaining existing clients and increasing new clients. Building your clinic’s brand name and marketing strategies to attract patients are some of the top solutions when it comes to increasing patient flow and revenue. Here are few things you should look into:

Smart business analytics:

Not only is it important to understand your clinic’s target area and patient demographics, it is also equally important to analyse where revenue leakage happens in your clinic and what are your highest profit makers. These could be a specific dental treatment, employee, patient/ resource used or service rendered.

Internal and external offline and online marketing:

Marketing your individual clinic as a ‘Brand’ among your existing patients and among potential patients is essential. This can be done by improving  local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on search engines such as ‘Google’ , creating a user friendly and educative website, social media marketing tools, obtaining and publishing existing client feedbacks and also offline marketing strategies such as pamphlets, flyers, newspaper adverts etc. which are up to 90% effective.

Excellent patient care:

Providing avante garde care to your patients is very essential to retain them and attract more patients by word of mouth. Build a USP (Unique Selling Preposition) either by the ambience of your clinic, showcasing your speciality, buying a high-tech equipment or fulling digitalising your clinic with the latest Dental software. Also, train your employees to be top notch, focus on sterilisation and cleanliness of the clinic and make it easier for patients to book an appointment.

Offer innovative payment options:

Make sure your patients can choose to pay using multiple payment options. Have tie ups with insurance companies, companies providing EMI options etc.

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