The most untouched tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh

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Are you planning to travel to India this summer? If so, then do put your travel shoes and pack your bags with clothes so that you can witness the beautiful states of India and you can unfold the glorious history, mystery and wonderful spots. We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online. However, if you are a peace-seeker and want to experience the serenity of nature then, you must visit the Arunachal Pradesh; the state is situated in the northeast of India, sharing borders with Nagaland and Assam from the south. The state also shares the international border with Myanmar from the east, China from the north and Bhutan from the west. The Itanagar is the capital of the state.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places which is still unexplored and undiscovered. If you visit here, you will have the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing attractions.

However, here are some of the places where you can visit while you are in Arunachal Pradesh—

1. Namdapha National Park

Are you a wildlife lover? Well, if so, then you must visit at Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh. This park is known for its cute red pandas. The red pandas are the only species of Auluridae and Aulurus family, which have a red-coloured body.

Meanwhile, India is the only place where you are getting this rare opportunity to see these Red Pandas. However, India has about 20 areas where you can witness the Red Panda Population. Thus, it is one of the best places to visit this summer, if you love to watch animals. In another account, it is said that this park is one of the largest parks in India and comes in the third position. Here, you can also visit the Lisu Village, where Red Panda lives and play for hours. So, if you want to see them, then you should not miss this opportunity to visit Arunachal Pradesh and its rainforest.

To reach this place, you need to get down at Dibrugarh Airport in Assam. From here, you can reach the Namdapha National Park within six hours.

2. Talle Valley

Want to experience the meadow greens, beautiful slopes, flora, fauna and picturesque landscape? Visit in Arunachal Pradesh so that, you can see the Talley Valley.It is one of the best escapes from the crowded cities if you want to free from your stress and life problems. Over here, you can have a lot of beautiful insights into the ancient tribal culture and tradition. You will be astonished by knowing that the people here offer their forest the best protection so that nature can be safe forever.If you want an urgent visa to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours

Meanwhile, in your journey to Talle Valley, you can enjoy trekking, cycling, landscape climbing and so on. However, here are some of the best valleys to visit such as Ziro Valley, Pangey Valley, etc.

These gorgeous Valleys are the homes of Apatanis people, who are always ready to sustain the technology of nature and forest. However, one of the most popular techniques is that one cannot enter the forest for hunting.

3. Mechuka Valley

you are someone who adores and enjoys the festival of India, then you must come to Mechuka Valley to enjoy Losar Festival. Mechuka Valley is located in the West Siang District. This Valley is guarded by the Indian Army throughout the year. It is one of the most interesting and cleanest places where you can fell always safe and happy. While you are here, you can stay in a government lodge. That’s not all, you can also visit the 400-year-old Buddhist Monastery to see the ancient statues.

4. Sela Pass

Sela Pass is a gorgeous mountain covered with beautiful snowy landscapes and slopes. At below, you can witness a cool and breezing lake. However, the mountain is at an elevation of 13, 700ft from the ground level. If you want to experience this serene place, then do visit here this summer. Sela Pass is considered one of the sacred places because it is surrounded by 101 lakes.If you are an international traveller and curious to visit India, then you need a valid India e-visa to enter the country.

However, Arunachal Pradesh never fails to impress thousands of travellers, wanderers and nature lovers around the world. So, if you are looking for a summer break, then this is the best place to come with your family members.

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