How Hemp is Changing Agriculture

Posted by rohny01 on March 13th, 2020

A couple of years back, a Forbes article discussed the recently-passed Farm Bill, and its accompanying legalization of hemp growth and distribution, would forever change the agricultural landscape. Just a little over one year later, it's clear that a number of the respected financial magazine's predictions for the future of the hemp industry are already starting to happen.

For instance, the 2018 Forbes article forecast a "hemp renaissance" in America that would dramatically overhaul our country's relation to hemp, allowing consumers to discover the literal hundreds of uses of the plant, in industries from textiles to cooking. Of course, we know for a fact that this is happening- a quick scan of your neighborhood pharmacy's shelves will show that CBD-infused products are a booming business. Hemp-derived oils are popping up everywhere, from skincare products to natural supplements, and even in unexpected places like chocolate and even hemp dog treats from ! The reason for the sudden surge of popularity in CBD-infused products is the sudden abundance and availability of hemp, thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill.

And it's only the beginning- since hemp is a relatively easy crop to grow, farmers of other crops who are seeing the sudden boom in the CBD industry are likely to want to begin growing hemp themselves. After all, growing hemp is not much different from growing any other type of crop, and seasoned farmers with a solid agricultural background are used to changing up the types of products they grow and harvest in response to consumer demand. The global industrial hemp market size is predicted to reach .6 billion by 2025 - that's not the sort of thing a farmer would want to pass up!

One of the most mind-boggling things about hemp is the fact that, when it comes to understanding how the plant can benefit our daily lives, we've barely even scratched the surface. For 81 years cannabis was considered an illegal crop until the passing of the 2018 Farm Bil. The legal restrictions placed on research made hemp a far more little-known plant than other crops like corn. However, scientists believe that hemp can hold the key to reimagining the way we live and even potentially help us to lessen our dependence on diminishing natural resources. As we push to get away from depending upon the use of fossil fuels in favor of sustainable resources, hemp has shown significant potential as a biodiesel fuel. If legal hemp becomes a key player in the clean technology race, as many scientists believe it will, the demand for hemp farmers will surge even greater than it already has.

For farmers who wish to capitalize on the growing CBD boom, it is essential that they first establish themselves as reputable hemp growers. This all begins with high-quality products grown from hardy, reliable hemp clones from an experienced hemp seed company such as . By ensuring that each crop is of premium quality, hemp farmers can build a reputation as producers and attract big-name companies to contract exclusively with their farm for hemp supply.

The face of agriculture may be changing, but the demand for quality crops will always remain the same. Hemp farmers who want to compete in this growing market need to be sure that their crops meet or exceed the exacting standards of companies who are ready to embrace the CBD trend.

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