What is the Difference between Concrete and Screed Mix?

Posted by elain martell on March 13th, 2020


Concrete and screed, both are highly used in construction sites. These two have some similarities and dissimilarities at the same time. Cement, water, and other aggregates such as stone, sand, etc. are the main components to make both the concrete and screed.

The main focusing point is that concretes are used for construction tasks, and the screed mix is used on top of a concrete base as a layer.

It is about the type of aggregates that are used to make both Essex concrete and screed mix. Gravel, which is coarse aggregate, is used while making concrete.

It helps to build the concrete a more strong, durable, and efficient one. And for the screed mix, the sand is used with a maximum grain size instead of using coarse gravel. It helps to make the screed ready texture that can be used as a top layer properly.

And when it is about the look of concrete and screed, there are differences, as well. Concrete contains coarse components that make it look rougher than usual.

On the other hand, the screed mix is so much likely to be a fine and grained look when it is mixed with sharp sand.

However, concrete is considered as the most ideal building material compared to others. It has the potential to meet the high compressive strength of the structure. Also, it comes with durability, efficiency, and other factors that are highly required while building any project.

On the other hand, the screed mix is not considered in using structural works as the main material, but as the top of the layer. So, both the materials have their significances in uses.

You can use concrete in any kind of building construction tasks, including residential, industrial, and anywhere you prefer. Concrete is highly used because it’s eco-friendly, non-combustible, and other beneficial features. And screed mix is there for a smooth and clean surface for the construction. Also, the quality of the surface depends largely on the quality of the screed mix.

So, these are the most prominent differences between concrete and screed mix. Both materials are useful for a construction project.

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