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Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

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From the perspective of subdivision, linen and ramie fabrics are still the export commodities of hemp textile companies.In terms of import, the production and management activities of the flax company are relatively active, which has become the driving force for the import of hemp textile materials.Jute material import quantity and import amount decreased greatly, the company's production and management is more difficult.

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The stock reduction of hemp spinning company is inseparable from the useful development of two shopping malls at home and abroad.This year, hemp fabric and yarn are still the export commodities of China's hemp textile companies, while hemp fabric is an important export driving force of China's hemp textile companies, and the trend of increasing exports of hemp fabric is stable.Although the domestic market share of China's hemp textile products increased year by year, it stopped in 2012 and the proportion of export sales was still as high as 75%.

China hemp spins professional association President xu jili to show, hemp spins profession to want livelihood to develop, it is necessary to open up two shopping malls at home and abroad continuously."Expanding domestic demand is not reduced export, but strengthen exports in the solid together, expand the domestic market share, make full use of two resources both at home and abroad market," gunny bag manufacturer "gunny bag production factory, from producing and machining to commodity research, planning, brand high value-added link extension, catch with the internal and external economic chance of strategic transformation, actively open up the domestic market."

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Xu geely pointed out that the future career to further expand resources, skills, production, planning and development, brand and other all-round international cooperation.At present, the conception, planning, sale and brand management of Chinese hemp textile products are all held in foreign countries, and Chinese hemp textile companies only play the role of "production workshop" in the whole industrial chain.The hemp textile company must find a new way to develop.

In order to cope with the rising production cost, the automation level of skills and equipment is low, and the quality of materials is subject to the doubt of others. The demand is to pay attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerate the construction of Chinese hemp textile professional culture, and make the profession adhere to the stable and outstanding development status.

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