How to install the supermarket POS cash register scanner?

Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

Supermarkets are one of the many places where bar code scanning guns are used. Recently, many customers have consulted. How to install a supermarket POS cash registerscan gun? What other software to use with it? With these questions, I'll give you answers:

Supermarket Scanner Installation and Use Process

1) Connect the data cable to the data cable socket of the scanning gun and the USB port of the computer (the connection methods of the other interface scanning guns are slightly different, please refer to the user manual for details).

2) Press and hold the trigger key, the light will be activated, and the red illumination area and red focus line will appear.

3) Align the red focus line with the center of the barcode, move the scanner and adjust the distance between it and the barcode to find the best reading distance.

4) When the success prompt sounds, and the red lighting line goes out, the code reading is successful, and the scanner transmits the decoded data to the host.

Bar code scanning gun is generally used in connection with supermarket cash register software

 The bar code scanning gun function replaces manual input, which is more convenient and quick. In simple terms, it is equivalent to a keyboard. It is an input tool. It just scans the numbers in the barcode and displays them on a computer or other terminal. Not like non-professionals think, after scanning a barcode, you can immediately see the information (name, price, etc.) about the barcode. This information needs to be displayed with the help of other software, and this software needs to be selected according to your product. Different products are equipped with different software, such as clothing, medicine, supermarkets and other industries. Different software in different industries will also be distinguished.

 After the software is installed, enter the software's background management interface. In the product information option, save all your products here: Scan the barcode of your product in the barcode of the product. , Then save the product name, price, and so on, and you're ready to sell. Next, we enter the software's front-end sales interface, take a barcode scanner and scan the barcode of the product, and the product name, price and other information will be automatically displayed on it.

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