Circular connectors for military and aerospace applications

Posted by sere on March 13th, 2020

Circular connector consist of detachable plugs and sockets. The head and socket are in a cylindrical metal or plastic case. When used, the housing can be connected with a screw thread, a mouth or a push-insert outer Carla coupling ring. The contact (hole) is inserted into the plastic or glass insulation (seal) mounting plate. The contact is a cylindrical pin embedded in the insulation Anyang plate. The contact ends are welded or pressed; Mounting plate has a variety of contact hole arrangement, the number of contacts depends on the contact specifications (current transmission capacity) working voltage; And in order to prevent misalignment, a variety of positioning methods. Contacts are usually made of copper, gold, gilt, or tin. Installation plate material according to the requirements of the knot and performance to determine, often: nylon, sulfone, carbonate, S, polymerization of ABDAP, aldehyde plastic, phenol melamine aldehyde resin, acid resin, and epoxy resin methanol. The shell is usually made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with high stainless steel for temperature application.

The circular connector's cylindrical structure is naturally rugged and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to be processed with standard machine tools. It is easy to be sealed, inserted and removed. Ten years of technical development has given it a complete and reasonable process and high reliability. Therefore, the circular connector is the first choice when the multi-contact connector is required to realize the interconnection between components and cables and between cables.

The circular connector is mainly used in military and avionics equipment. The demand for equipment is the main driving force for the development of circular connector technology and the market. This century 6 ~ 70 times is its development heyday. In the United States. The use of circular military connectors accounted for 80% of the total circular connector market. The total connector market sales of about 1, accounting for 5 in all kinds of connectors in the market share ranking after printed circuit connectors.

In circular connector, the MI standard is what L on the real beauty of the international military standard, the main is mainly due to the United States a variety of specifications for the connector of high demand, high level of circular by detachable plug and socket structure of technical strength, the big economies of scale and the competitive pang of price, and the requirement of the North Atlantic treaty organization purchasing standardized components and equipment, and other factors. In practice, the British BI British standards institute (BSI) CC such as S (and EC (European electronic devices council) and our national and military standards all develop their own standards according to the MIL specification.

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