Do We Really Need it in Our Skin Care Routine?

Posted by Online Ayurvedic on March 14th, 2020

Body scrubs are the desserts of skincare routine or we can say this is the royal treatment to get a flawless and radiant skin. Many of us misinterpret between the terms body wash, face scrub & body scrub cream. Hence we usually overlook the significance of body scrub in our skincare routine. You might be thinking why body scrub if we are using a face scrub. Does our body also need extra care? I must say, yes we need it if we are aspiring for the glowing and healthy appearance. 
Why Should We Use Body Scrub?
No doubt, if we don’t care about our skin then dirt, dead cells, and oil can make the body’s surface dull, and flaky.
A body or face scrub assist to get rid of dead skin cells, let the cells to grow and make it clear and soft. You can really enjoy the refreshing and soothing massage during the scrub and gain its benefits. 
What Is The Right Way To Use Scrub Cream?
  • Wet your body thoroughly
  • Apply scrub cream with hands
  • Start gentle massage in circular motions
  • Rinse off & pat your skin dry
  • Instantly apply moisturizer to lock the moisture
How many times we can use it?
Body or face scrub cream can be used once or twice a week. You can ask for advice from skin experts to know, your skin type and how often you can do the scrubbing.
If someone is doing it for the first time, then she/he must test the scrub at the small patch of the skin on hands.
Is there any side effect of using scrub cream?
Side effects may occur if a chemical-based product is used or the product is applied on the body or face already suffering from infection, heat rash or sunburn.
How to choose the right scrub cream?
Today, we are moving towards herbal product online shopping rather than chemical-based cosmetic products. The harsh results of chemical contained cosmetics affect badly on our skin. But the availability of many  Ayurvedic online stores and their range of products have made it easy for us to choose the right face body scrub cream. 
BIOAYURVEDA’S Deep Detox Body Scrub Cream is enriched with organic herbs, natural oils, and essential herbal extracts. We are well aware of the fact that organic products are safe to use and help to avoid skin complications, usually arises due to the effects of chemicals. Let’s discuss more this herbal product.
What makes Deep Detox Body Scrub an ideal product to use?
When it comes to getting radiant skin then there is no match of Ayurved products and its benefits. Significant ingredients of Deep Detox Body Scrub Cream and their attributes to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin work miraculously. 
Ginger – This herb contains approximately 40 antioxidant properties. Hence, it works well to remove dead skin, prevent free radical damage and diminish the symptoms of anti-aging.
Eagle Wood – Being an anti-inflammatory herb, it helps to support the skin health and repairs the damaged area. 
Cardamom – This herbal ingredient is known as a queen of spice that phenomenally works to fight against acne breakout and brightens the skin.
Epsom Salt – This ingredient gently reduces the roughness and acne breakout as well it clears the pores.
Green Tea – It is a boon for acne and oily skin as well it stops bacterial growth, responsible for dull skin.
Black Sesame – This ingredient with anti-oxidant property reduces the wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness along with it deeply moisturizes the skin.
Lavender – This flora is contained of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, hence it provides healthy results to remove dead skin, lightens the scars and boosts the cell renewal process. 
Baking Soda – This substance contained in BIOAYURVEDA Deep Detox Body Scrub Cream cleans pores, removes dead cells and stops acne breakouts. 
Grape Seeds – Being an antioxidant-enriched herb extract, this constituent helps to repair the skin and restore cellular health.
The presence of these ingredients in Deep Detox Body Scrub Cream makes sure that you can avail almost all benefits, of using scrub cream
  • Eliminates dead cells
  • Clears blemishes
  • Promotes skin hydration
  • Smoothens the skin texture
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pore
This 100% organic product integrates Ayurvedic values and accomplishes the core root i.e. cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. BIOAYURVEDA promises optimum quality results through its product, suitable for men and women. So, without wasting a second, go for this organic body scrub cream and add it in your daily skincare kit for healthy and smooth skin.

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