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Posted by PRIYANKA KULKARNI on March 14th, 2020

Emulsified Shortenings Market Outlook

Emulsified shortenings or hi-ratio shortenings are a type of fat that are made from vegetable oils and animal fats. These are predominantly used in baking. Emulsified shortenings contain a micro emulsifier and offer a wide range of advantages. They act as a molecular matchmaker by holding oil, water and shortening together, thereby helping the products to hold moisture for a longer period of time. Emulsified shortenings also help the batter to hold more sugar and liquid, thus giving a smoother texture to the product. They also prolong the shelf life of the product and help in holding more air upon whipping that increases the volume of the product. In addition to this, it is a better alternative in comparison to the regular shortenings as it does not make the product greasy or interfere with the flavor of the product. The multiple benefits that emulsified shortenings offer, is fueling emulsified shortenings market.

Increasing demand of Emulsified Shortenings owing to increase in the consumption of bakery products

The rising demand for bakery products and processed foods in the Asia Pacific region is expected to fuel the emulsified shortenings market. Also, the increase in urbanization, disposable income, hectic lifestyle, preference for convenience and industrialization are some of the drivers for the for emulsified shortenings market. The bakery industry is well established in Europe region. Hence, the manufacturers of the emulsified shortenings have the opportunity to improve their marketing strategies by the use of the se emulsified shortenings which will increase shelf life, improve aesthetics and will attract more consumers.

Emulsified Shortenings Market: Key Players 

The emulsified shortenings market is evolving due to the increase in the number of bakery industries and increase in the consumption of bakery products and processed foods. Therefore, manufacturers are focusing on emulsified shortenings more. Some of the global key manufacturers and suppliers of emulsified shortenings are Cargill Incorporated, Mallet & Company, Inc., Lonza Group AG, Bunge Limited, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Palsgaard, and RIKEN VITAMIN Co., Ltd.,

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Opportunities for Market Participants: 

Nowadays, People prefer products that do not perish easily and need not be purchased on a regular basis because of the busy schedules and hectic lifestyle. In addition to this, the number of bakeries is increasing these days as the demand of the bakery products is rising. So, these factors are escalating the demand for emulsified shortenings. The regular shortenings that had been in use, were inefficient in retaining the flavour and texture of the product. That is why, giant players such as Cargill Incorporated are focusing on producing shortenings that will not only retain the flavour and texture of the product but also increase the aesthetics of the product. New and existing players have a good opportunity. They can advertise the product by providing sufficient knowledge of the product and assuring the consumers about the supreme attributes of the product such as:- it is derived from natural sources, retains flavor for a long period of time, improves aesthetics of the product and others.

  • Huge demand for emulsified shortenings come from Asia- Pacific due to a large number of bakeries in this region. Hence, manufacturers should focus on this region. Also, manufacturers of emulsified shortenings should focus on Europe as demand for the bakery products is growing gradually in this region due to the shift in lifestyle and increase in the number of bakeries.

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