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A Comparison Between Motor Run Capacitors And Start Capacitors

Posted by dekielectronics on March 14th, 2020

A capacitor is nothing but a device that stores energy in the form of electricity. It’s a medium of storing energy and it can also release the same suddenly or over a specific period. You can measure the energy or capacitance of the device in the form of micro-farads. There are two plates inside that remain separated by a material called the dielectric or the insulator. These insulators can be of ceramic, mica, Mylar, porcelain, glass, Teflon, or rubber. Capacitors can also limit the current. You can use them to store voltage or build it up until you need to release it.

Run capacitors:

Now, there are two types of capacitors. The first one is a Motor Run Capacitor. The device uses the charge stored in the dielectric to boost the current that provides power to a motor. The purpose of this device is to maintain an electric charge. If you take an AC unit apart, then you will notice that it contains two run-capacitors. One of them powers the fan’s motor while the other delivers power to the compressor. Run capacitors measure somewhere between 7 and 9 micro-farads. You should take note of the value or rating of the run capacitor, as it has to be accurate. If its value is too high, then the phase shift will be less than perfect. Furthermore, the winding current will be too high.

Start capacitors:

The second type is the start capacitor. You will find it in the circuit of the start-windings when the motor starts. It contains a higher capacitance than run capacitors. It can vary from time to time, but it will always measure between 7 and 120 micro-farads. The device provides an immediate electrical push to start the motor rotation. If there isn’t a start capacitor, then applying voltage won’t start the motor. It will only create a humming noise. The start capacitor creates a lag between current and voltage in the other start-windings of the motor. The current will build up slowly and the armature will get the opportunity to start rotating with the current field.

Pay attention to quality:

You can get a high-quality capacitor only if the manufacturer uses exclusive materials in its production. Apart from that, the design and quality control systems also play a crucial role. The production procedure followed by the Motor Run Capacitors Manufacturers will ensure that the device fulfills industry standards required for long-term performance. Most capacitors, if not all, will appear the same at first. When you continue to use it for some time, you will notice the difference. Only the best capacitors will continue to perform optimally. The others will depreciate. Therefore, you need to choose manufacturers appropriately. Industry standards will help you to assess the quality and reliability of the products.

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