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How often do you need to remove dead skin cells on the face?

Posted by bostono on March 14th, 2020

How often do you need to remove dead skin cells on the face?

Did you know that each person produces about 500 million dead skin cells every day. These dead skin cells can accumulate from day to day. So, here is the importance of cleaning your face regularly, as well as doing regular exfoliation.

Exfoliation process is useful to reduce dull skin and improve skin conditions, for example on acne prone skin.

Although it has a positive effect on skin health, exfoliate not to be done excessively. Exfoliation time depends on your skin type.

Each individual has different skin types, such as dry or sensitive skin, oily and acne, combination skin, and mature skin. These four skin types require different exfoliation time.

1. Dry or sensitive skin
Exfoliate dry skin or sensitive skin at least 1-2 times per week. However, it should be noted that the use of harsh exfoliating products can irritate the skin.

According to an aesthetic expert, Elena Duque, sensitive skin types require exfoliating products containing glycolic acid. In addition, select chemical exfoliation products that contain moisturizers and are formulated for sensitive skin.

2. Oily or blotchy skin
Exfoliating for oily or blotchy face types is done 2-3 times a week. The recommended product choice is chemical exfoliation with salicylic acid content. The content can absorb oil, thereby reducing sebum on the face.

According to Elena Duque, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is another option for lifting excess oil production on the face that clogs pores.

3. Combination skin
Combination skin is a type of skin that is oily or blotchy, as well as dry or sensitive skin. Recommended facial exfoliation treatments for this skin type are two to three times per week.

You can still use physical or chemical exfoliation, for example scrubs, products with acid content, or certain enzymes.

4. Mature skin
Mature skin is defined as a skin condition with a slightly wrinkled texture. This condition is caused when the skin is aging. For those of you who have mature skin, exfoliate facial skin can be done twice per week using chemical exfoliation.

You can look for exfoliator products that contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). The content is sought after because of its anti-aging properties by working to tighten the skin.

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