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Posted by doggie abbot on March 15th, 2020

Keeping your pet clean and smelling fresh is probably a top priority for you. But you may wonder: exactly how often should you wash your dog and article from Mobile Dog Grooming Townsville has some tips for you?

The reality is, the answer varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Breed and coat
  • Dog’s health
  • Home environment
  • Lifestyle

Use this handy guide to help you decide how frequently to wash your pet. This article explores the above criteria, followed by dog washing tips and FAQs. Get the basics on how to determine when your dog needs to be washed, how to make washing your dog easier, and when it might be wiser to hire a dog washer for professional help.

Dog Breed and Coat

If your dog has a long coat that attracts dirt, you may need to wash your dog frequently. That doesn’t necessarily mean a full shampoo but your dog may need to be hosed down and gently washed to keep dirt and other substances from working their way to the skin and to keep your home clean.

Some dogs also produce more oils than others. Whilst those oils are meant to offer natural protection to your dog’s skin, sometimes they can attract dirt or sit on the skin for too long. If your dog starts to give off an unpleasant smell, that’s a sign it’s time for a bath. You may notice this every couple of months or more. Many pet owners also find the change of seasons to be a good time to think about giving the dog a bath.

Health of the Dog

Your dog may have health issues that require more frequent bathing. This is typically the case with allergies and skin problems. Talk to your vet to learn how often you should wash your dog in this instance, but be aware that regular mild washing with calming products may help with itching, self-biting, and hot spots.

Home Environment

Does your dog live outdoors? You may think that gives you a break because without your dog traipsing dirt into the house, you don’t have to bathe it as often. But if your dog is exposed to manure around the stables or pond algae, for example, you may need to offer washing just as frequently as if the dog lived indoors.

Dog Lifestyle

Even inside dogs need frequent dog wash if they go to the beach regularly or if they play in the mud. Consider giving your dog either a good wash or a full shampoo if:

  • The dog swims in the ocean.
  • Your dog plays in your chlorinated swimming pool.
  • There is mud, sand, or garden dirt clinging to the coat after play.
  • Your dog is a working dog that could possibly be exposed to hazards like chemicals or toxic substances.

Do a Light Grooming First

Before washing your dog, do any grooming necessary to remove foreign matter from the coat. Check for things like burrs and seeds that may be stuck to the hair, and remove them with your fingers or a comb. If your dog is very small or fine-haired, sometimes cat grooming tools work better.

Don’t Forget About Drying

Your dog will need drying afterwards. Short-haired dogs usually dry in a jiffy after a light towelling, but long-haired pups may need a hairdryer set on low or time in the sun to dry fully. Avoid bathing your dog on cold, windy days if possible. If you need to use a hairdryer, get your dog used to the sound of it first before bath time.


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