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It is positioning control with absolute and relative positioning

Posted by mouthjarbottlea on March 15th, 2020

At present, the length-to-diameter ratio of mainstream designs has different specifications such as 22: 1, 24: 1, 30: 1, 28: 1, 25: 1. The function of the thread is to compress and melt the material.

The section of the thread called the mixing head is to allow the molten materials to be fully mixed in this section. According to the analysis of the situation, the screw of the 30: 1 specification has higher material requirements, but the effect is not obvious, and the increase in manufacturing cost is not proportional to the additional output. 25: 1 specifications screw, plasticizing effect is better, the economics of the bottle molding machine factory blowing machine is also relatively high.The first half of the extruder screw used byechnology Co.., Ltd. The focus of screw design is the aspect ratio. to produce HDPE bottles is a graduated screw, and a segmenting head is added at a distance of 120 ~ 150mm from the screw head (that is, the diamond head is a diamond-shaped part like a pin) ), The function of the thread in this section is different. Increasing the length-to-diameter ratio will increase the power of the motor and the reduction box, and will also increase the energy consumption of the blow molding machine.

Theoretically, the larger the aspect ratio, the stronger the plasticizing ability, and the better the material mixing. The aspect ratio refers to the ratio of the length of the screw to its diameter. The 25: 1 aspect ratio screw is economical in use and the effect achieved is ideal

This It is not possible with conventional PLC. Single-axis or multi-axis positioning control is available. (5) Position control: It is positioning control, with absolute and relative positioning control. Using high-end PLC and PC, it can detect some analog quantities, and change and control the analog quantities (temperature, pressure, flow) of some bottle blowing machines. (6) Step-by-step control: After one step is completed and then the next step, the bottle blower has strict requirements on the process steps. (7) Data processing: analyze, process, and judge the recovered data. 

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