The introduction of sequin panels

Posted by hw on March 16th, 2020

What is the sequin panels?

When the wind blows, the sequins on the signboard flash and flash to light up, creating a colorful and dynamic 3D effect. Sequin panel signs are generally composed of metal iron frame + triangle keel + plastic gusset + hanging sequins and so on.

What is a pneumatic gusset? What are the specifications of the bottom plate? How can the sequins be fixed on the plastic bottom plate?

Very professional plastic base plate, material: ABS, base plate weight: about 0.3kg, base plate thickness: 2.6mm, length: 300mm, width: 300mm, square, installed up and down, can not be installed upside down, insert 100 aluminum nails Inside the bottom plate hole, there are 15mm aluminum nails, and the side edges of the four sides are card slot edge bars. When installed, they are inserted into the triangle keel, and the keel will hold the card slot edge bars and will not fall easily.

What are sequins? What materials? What are the requirements for sequins? What mechanical equipment can be produced?

Material: PET, Type: Round partial hole, round diameter: 29mm, coating thickness: 0.25mm, sequin weight: 1kg = 4567 pieces, color: various colors.

Sequin requirements: Lightfastness, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, no discoloration, no roll up, no layering, no cracking, moisture resistance, cold resistance, freezing resistance, dust resistance; uniform gloss, uniform size, uniform size, uniform color, and uniform swing .

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