Keep Them Close to Your Heart Even after They are Gone: Cremation Pendants

Posted by Andrew Wilson on March 16th, 2020

Loss of a loved one in your family or friends is a traumatic experience. There are many heartfelt ways in which we remember our loved ones. Keeping their memory alive becomes a difficult process after some time. While their belongings may give immediate relief to a person coping up with the loss, cremation jewelry like cremation pendants may come in as a practical alternative of keeping your dear one close to you at all times.


  1. Cremation Pendants: A Carrier to Your Memories

Cremation pendants are jewelry pieces that are filled with the remains of the deceased person after cremation. While some of the cremation necklaces are made with molding the ashes with the jewelry, most of the cremation pendants are made in a way where they have a cavity in which the ashes can be filled.

  1. Why do You Need Cremation Pendants?

For some people, an actual physical reminder of their dear departed is essential to feel their presence. Cremation pendants are a way of feeling that presence for such people. People have said that they feel the warmth of the person in whose remembrance they were wearing the cremation pendant. Since the pendant lies near the heart of the person, the connection is felt stronger than other forms of cremation jewelry. This connection with loved ones feels more comfortable and warm than fearful. Belonging of a loved one invokes a memory or the presence of them but a piece of cremation jewelry can create a longer and stronger feeling of their presence. Cremation pendants and cremation necklaces are a modern approach to the traditional urns and give more personal and creative feeling to the wearer.

  1. Types of Cremation Pendants

Cremation pendants are made in various shapes such as spheres, hearts, crosses or other modern shapes that have a hidden cavity in them. This cavity can be opened and filled with a pinch of the ashes and closed. The good thing about cremation pendants is that they are very discreetly made and hence the cavities are hidden from everyone.

  • Cremation Urn Pendants

There is another type of cremation pendants known as cremation urn pendants which are smaller urns which can be attached with chains and can hold a few ashes in them. These are the most affordable options while choosing for cremation pendants.

  • Glass Cremation Pendants

Another way cremation pendants can be made is by using glass. Ashes are added into hot molten glass and thus a glass piece is produced which has the remains of the loved one incorporated into it. This glass is then made into a pendant. This is a nice option for those who are a bit skeptical about directly wearing the remains of their loved ones.

  • Diamond Cremation Pendants

Cremated remains can also be made into diamonds in laboratories. These diamonds can be worked into pendants and can be worn by the mourner.

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