How to Use Cell Values in Excel Labels the Chart

Posted by Mia Minton on March 16th, 2020

Making graph labels in Microsoft Excel can be done by joining them into a cell value. If you change the data, then the chart label will automatically be changed. In this blog, we will teach you how you can make both of your chart titles and data labels characterized.

Data labels make your presentation or chart more comfortable to view and understanding. With the help of the chart, you can easily compare your data in a single graph. In this article, we will teach you how you can merge two months of sales data and make a chart and link labels.

Here is the sample of the last month’s sales data that we will use to teach you:

Column A

  1. Product
  2. Pizza
  3. Hot Dogs
  4. Burritos
  5. Chicken Wings
  6. Nachos

Column B

  1. Sales
  2. 360
  3. 360
  4. 498
  5. 414
  6. 129

Column C

  1. Changes
  2. 23
  3. -120
  4. 44
  5. 230
  6. -35

In the above data, we will change to graph the sales value and also use data labels of change values.

1) Using Cell Values to Labels the Chart Data:

  1. Choose area A1:B6 and tap on Insert.
  2. Tap on Insert a Column, or you can also tab on the Bar Chart.
  3. Hit Collected Column.
  4. The column table popup on your computer screen.
  5. You need to adding data input to view the difference in every product comparing with last month’s sales.
  6. Choose a graph.
  7. select the “Chart Elements” section.
  8. Hit on Data Labels sign.
  9. Tap on More Option.
  10. Untick the Value field and then check the value in the cells field.
  11. Select C2:C6 to manage your data label area.
  12. Tap on the OK option.

After this above process, the value of those cells now changed in chart data names. If you can see the data value has changed, then your chart will be automatically changed.

2) Linking Cell Value in a Chart

In this additional data labels, here we will teach you how you can link chart caption into a cell to find something more dynamic and creative. We will start by generating a meaningful chart name in a cell. Here we show total all the sales into the chart title.

  1. In the Cell E2 type formula (=”Monthly Sales Total – “&TEXT(SUM(B2:B6),”0,###”).
  2. This above formula will create a meaningful title combine as a text shown Monthly Total Sales to the sum of B2:B6.
  3. The TEXT role is applied to format the figure with thousand of separators.  
  4. Now you need to link the chart name to cell E2 to apply text you have created.
  5. Tap the chart title,
  6. Enter = in the formula bar.
  7. Tap on cell E2.
  8. Now press on the Enter key.
  9. The value of the E2 will remain useful to the chart name.

If the value of the data area were changing, then your chart name and data labels will we updates and reflect your chart.

To create your chart dynamic, you can use all the basing available in Microsoft Excel.

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