Top Embroidery Stitches for T-shirts and Womenís Apparel

Posted by Embroidery Gulf on March 16th, 2020

Embroidery is one of the most interesting cloth embellishing techniques these days. Hand embroidery was widely used in the early days. Thanks to the trending embellished pillows and embroidered jeans trend. No one could have thought embroidery would make such a comeback. It is indeed surprising to say that fabric and thread have the potential of creating beautiful artwork.

Whether you are looking for basic embroidery stitches for jeans or your regular-use towel, you have come to the right place! In this post, we’ll discuss logo embroidery and some interesting embroidery stitches that you can try at home. Let’s get started. 3d embroidery dubai

· Backstitch

One of the most common stitches you will find in the embroidered patches Dubai is Backstitch. It looks clean, simple, and extremely adorable. Jeans, T-shirts, pillows, and nearly every cloth can be embellished with a backstitch. Not only does it blend beautifully with almost all embroidery stitches, but this easy-to-make design is an ideal option for outlining.

People often use backstitches for designing a solid line or outlining letters. Perhaps, you can take some colorful threads and use backstitch embroidery to outline someone’s name. Uniforms in Dubai

· Running Stitch

Running stitch is used to add details to your work. In simple terms, it gives a perfect finishing to your apparel. You can opt for custom embroidery Dubai services to get the best running stitch design crafted on your clothes. It is the simplest form of embroidery that gives dashed outlines.

You can either make one stitch at a time or follow the basic sewing technique to create several stitches. Even though it looks simple, you can make it a bit unique by adjusting the space between the stitches or the size of each stitch. clothing tag and labels

· Straight Stitch

As the name suggests, a straight stitch is one of the easiest designs in embroidery. Many embroidery services in Dubai use straight stitches to create compelling and unique designs on T-shirts and women’s outfits. All you got to do is push the needle up through the fabric, decide the length of the stitch, and pull it down through the fabric.

Often considered as the building block of embroidery, this simple stitch has many uses. You can design flowers, stars, and interesting designs. It is all about how creative you can get. garment tags and labels

· French Knot

As much as beautiful these cute little knots look, creating them is a challenge (especially for beginners). French knots are a small round-shaped and flower-like embroidery stitch that is extensively used in embroidery UAE.

This stitch can be used for textured filling or creating other designs. To create a French knot, you need to wrap the thread around the needle and pull it through the fabric to form a knot. You have to keep the needle and the thread a bit loose to form a perfect knot.

Final Words

These were some basic stitches that embroidery services UAE offer. You can also get woven labels and printed tags to embellish your clothes.

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