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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 16th, 2020

The bold and brave Dwarf clan is an ancient race that originated from the earthen spirits that the Titans of the early world created with vibrant stones. Due to a disease known as the Curse of Flesh, the Dwarf ancestors experienced a metamorphosis, their rocky skins becoming soft skin.

Eventually, these flesh and blood called themselves the Dwarf clan, and a powerful Ironforge was opened on the snow-covered peak of Kazmodan. And comes with the properties of Vanilla WOW Gold.

After many centuries, the three Dwarf tribes-the Bronzebeard tribe, Wildhammer tribe, and Dark Iron tribe-lived in unity in Ironforge under the wise rule of the mighty Alpine King Modims Anweimar . When Mordims died, the situation between the three tribes became tense, and a war broke out between them in order to fight for control of the city.

So the battle of Three Hammers began. This brutal battle continued for many years until the Bronzebeard tribe won sole ownership of Ironforge and expelled its opponents. This war severed all ties between the three tribes, and each continued to shape their new destiny.

When the Orc Horde invaded Azeroth, the Dwarf clan of Ironforge actively joined the Alliance camp. Led by King Magni Bronzebeard, Ironforge's strong and tough residents became the backbone of the Alliance's army, defeating the orcs over and over again.

Since then, Ironforge's Dwarf clan has been an important force in the Alliance. In addition to immersing themselves in the prospect of war, the Dwarf have always wanted to know the truth about their past being cast. Thanks to the efforts of Dwarf archaeologists scattered around the world, they know a lot about the origin of the race and the curse of the flesh and blood.

Still, there are many unsolved mysteries, and the Dwarf continue to excavate the ancient ruins of Azeroth to find answers. The turn of fate brought the hostile tribe back to Ironforge after centuries of separation ...

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Anomalous natural disasters began to shake much of Azeroth, after which fission occurred, and Dwarf's land was not spared from this catastrophic change. A series of violent earthquakes tore the area around Ironforge, turning settlements into rubble piles and taking the lives of many innocent Dwarf.

To find out the cause of the worldwide disaster, King Magni selflessly performed a mysterious ritual of dialogue with the earth. However, this ancient ritual had unexpected results: Magni became diamonds, fused with the depths of Ironforge. During the following power emptiness, his long-distanced daughter Moira, who had been married to a despised Dark Iron tribe, temporarily inherited the throne of Ironforge and closed the city.

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