Why Smart People Choose Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Posted by Ajit Samal on March 16th, 2020

There are two kinds of people: ordinary and smart. Ordinary people just do things. On the other hand, smart people plan, strategize, and execute things in a well-planned manner. The same principle applied for borrowing. Ordinary people just borrow an amount without calculating the EMIs or they just ignore doing this. While smart people always use theEMI calculator to plan about paying loans conveniently. If you are also looking to borrow, and if you to be a smart person, then keep reading this blog as in this blog is we are discussing Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator and how you can use it. 

So, let’s start with...

What Is Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator? 

It is a simple tool that calculates your monthly outgo. The best part of the Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator that even without applying for a personal loan, you can calculate your monthly EMIs. Not just is free but is also simple to use. Once you enter the required information and click on the calculate, you may know about how much you are going to pay as your monthly installment. It doesn’t stop here and further, it tells you that how much interest you are going to pay during the loan tenure.

Features and Benefits of Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator 

Free Tool: 

The tool is free to use. Any random user can use this calculator for free even he is not required to do the sign up to use it. Moreover, there is no restriction on the usage of the tool. In simple words, you can use it as much as you can.


The tool is pretty simple to use. Even a 5-year-old can use the Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator. Its user-friendly interface allows you to do the EMI calculation without encountering anu difficulties.

How to Use Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator? 

As you know that the tool is simple to use but here are a few things that you need to understand before you use Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator. Before using it, let’s understand its interface.

The Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator has three columns in which you have to fill your inputs. These sections are:

Loan Amount:

In this segment, you have to enter the loan amount that you want to borrow from the lender. It may be a few thousand or it can be lakhs. Assume you want to take a personal loan from Bajaj Finance of Rs 5 lakh then in the loan amount column will be filled with ‘Rs 5 lakh’.

Interest Rate: 

It means the rate applied on the personal loan. It also decides whether you are going to borrow a cheaper loan or the costlier one, so it needs more attention. Also, when you try Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator with other variation, you only need to make changes in this column as the details of another column most of the time remains same. Suppose, you want to take a personal loan from Bajaj Finance at an interest rate of 13% then in the interest rate segment, you will enter, ‘13%’.


This is the last column of the Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator. In this blank space, you will have to enter the number of years you are comfortable to borrow a personal loan. On the basis of convenience, you can insert the desired tenure up to 5 years, as Bajaj Finserv offer personal loan up to 5 years only. For instance, you wish to borrow an amount for 4 years, then in the tenure section, you will insert, ‘4 years.

Once you enter all your details carefully, you can now click at the calculate button to see the results. If you think that the results are not satisfactory or you want to try a different combination, don’t hesitate to try other variations.

Why Using the Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator Is Significant?

Helps You Plan Your Repayment:

 If you know how much EMIs you will pay in one, two, or three years, you can plan your repayment in that way. If you think, that you can pay a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh in 2 years without disturbing your other monthly obligations, you can easily do that. On the other hand, someone who is not capable to pay off the entire loan in 2 years, he can choose a different tenure up to 5 years.

Saves You from Loan Default: 

If you have a complete picture of the repayment tenure, you can definitely plan better. And, better planning with the trusted tools always pays off. The biggest advantage of the Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator is, you can reduce your chances of loan default to nil. It does not just increase your credit score, but it will also help you get a lower interest rate in the future or even on the top-up loan. Suppose, you pay your EMIs on time, then you can apply for a top loan from the Bajaj Finance or you can opt for a balance transfer to another financial institution. In both cases, you will be get benefitted as you will be offered a lower interest rate plus the application process will be a treat.

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