Career In Data Science: Data Engineer And Machine Learning Professionals!

Posted by Graphson Tech on March 16th, 2020

The beginning of the popularization of computing in companies, you had the idea of ​​a unique professional who would be responsible for all activities that involved information technology. You currently have several specializations within Information Technology, such as the Network Analyst, the Software Engineer, the Database Administrator, the Requirements and Systems Analyst, the Programmer, and the Test Analyst. These specializations were only possible due to the increase in demand and the popularization of software within organizations.

Data Science

The three professional profiles we are analysing, this is the one with the most investigative, innovative, and insightful profile. The Data Science professional is specialized in performing Data Analysis (Data Analytics). If is the responsibilities are well defined within an organization. This professional will receive the data, already stored in the most optimized way, which possible to perform the processing.

One of the main requirements for the professional to be a good Data Scientist is that he / she knows in depth the business of the company in which he / she is operating. That is, in a comprehensive manner, the business processes. This is perhaps one of the most difficult and time-consuming characteristics to shape for this professional, as business processes are generally complex and heterogeneous.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineer is responsible for the task of planning and preparing all the data infrastructure and architecture, which can even be used for storage and processing. This structure must be designed to be scalable. That is, to support the future growth in demand for storage, which is reliable, complete and safe? In addition, this professional should always be aware of the new technologies and storage structures that arise, with the aim of always proposing the most viable and cost-effective solutions for the organization in which he operates.

The Data Engineer is also responsible for designing, building, integrating and maintaining data from several different sources, such as: relational database, non-relational database, unstructured data (e-mails, PDF documents, memos and texts), and web collections (social networks, blogs, news, etc.). The goal is to organize this data for quick and complex queries, optimizing the performance of an organization's data ecosystem.

Machine Learning

The success of the Machine Learning Specialist's work lies in extracting information (insights) from data without the need for prior programming. As the main characteristic of these algorithms is the ability to learn from the data itself. One of the great challenges for this specialist is to be able to understand the various machine learning models that currently exist, and to know which one best applies to the data analysis that is being carried out at a given moment.

Artificial Intelligence is currently a reality and we already have several cases in which AI techniques have overcome humans in some specific situations. An example is the Alpha GO software. So, if you want to make your career in this particular field, then you must be prepared to meet each of these professional profiles with specific courses from the best Data Science Training Institute in Kolkata.

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