How Do Rice Cookers Function?

Posted by Ray Douglas on March 16th, 2020

Some ` cookers provide you with “smart” cooking options while some are basic. However, regardless of what brand your best rice cooker is, all of them require three things: rice, water and warmth . That’s all.

To further explain how you'll cook your rice, here are the steps you would like to follow:

 You first got to measure the number of rice you'd wish to cook using the measuring cups that these cookers always accompany .

 Once you've got measured your rise, you'll got to wash it and leave it within the water for a few time.

 Put the rinsed rice within the inner pot along side water. Put the pot within the cooker.

 Switch your cooker on then await your rice to cook.

Rice cookers have lids that forestalls the steam from getting bent facilitate better cooking. Once your rice is cooked, the “keep warm” feature takes over to stay your cooked rice warm for long.

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