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Posted by Allen Lee on March 16th, 2020

Curved Tempered Glass Railing Toughened Curved Glass Manufacturer

Model No.: glass railing
Brand: Kunxing glass
Place of Origin: China Manufacturers
Packing: Stronger wooden cra
Glass Thickness: 4,5,6,8,10,12,15,19m
Size: Maximum size could
Color: clear, ultra-clear
Feature: High strength-3-5ti
Processing: Beveling, cutting
Glass shape: Flat, curved
Certification: AS, ANSI, CE/
Production time: 10-15days
Application: Balustrade, Railing

Safety Curved Tempered Glass Toughened Curved Glass Manufacturer

Tempered glass balustrade manufacturer china
Tempered Glass Balustrade is used as railings in stairways, balconies, patios, and pool fences. More modern homes now use glass balustrades for style and function because these appear sleek and sophisticated while allowing an unobstructed view between spaces. ,Please click on the website to see
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Tempered curved glass railing panels
Curved glass railing panels are great building innovations, and an affordable solution to creating inviting, dynamic spaces. Curved glass eliminates harsh edges, creating a more relaxed, organic environment.KG Glass can provide you with a simple, complex, or artistic curved glass balustrade/handrail/stairway/pool fence.

The advantages of glass balustrade/stairway/balcony/pool fence as following:
1. High-security glass could make sure human safety.
2. Transparent glass could help enjoy the scenery easily.
3.Various glass colors and designs, perfect for the construction decoration.
4.Easy to clean when dirty and replace when broken accident.

What kinds of curved glass balustrade you can get it from KXG Glass?
1.From size:6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm tempered glass;4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm 12+12mm laminated glass

2.From glass type: curved tempered glass, curved laminated glass

3.From color:clear glass balustrade,ultra-clear glass balustrade,grey glass balustrade,green glass balustrade,bronze glass balustrade,blue glass balustrade,etc.or customized as you requested.

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