Is Marketing Important for A Dental Clinic?

Posted by curiedentist on March 16th, 2020

Is Marketing Important for A Dental Clinic?

With the drastic increase in the number of dental clinics every day, one can find up to 5 dentists in the same street if you are based in India! Due to this scenario, having a dental clinic but not taking an effort to build its brand name or engage in marketing, can be disastrous. Even with the best skills, advanced technologies, best ambience or best offers, one might still be struggling to attract any patients!

This is where the importance of marketing is evident. Key advantages include:

Increasing new patient foot falls into your clinic:

Showcase your clinic’s highlights on online and offline platforms and give people the chance to know what you can offer them. Research shows that more than 50% of patients (in metros or tier 1 cities) coming for a dental treatment find a clinic on the internet.

Building a USP- Unique Selling Proposition and a Brand name:

Marketing your clinic’s key feature increases USP and builds your brand value. Studies show that a person remembers a brand name only after getting familiarised with the name more than 3 times. Marketing will be the easiest way to achieve this.

Retain existing patients by forming a one to one relationship with them:

Build strong, healthy relationships with your existing patients by constantly interacting with them. This can be in the form of sending personalised birthday messages to your patients, sending them reminders of their appointments or reviews, sending frequent offer codes or coupons etc.

Identify patient flow trends:

Digital marketing helps to analyse where majority of your patients are coming from and target these areas for future strategies. Without identifying your target areas, it is not possible to carry out effective

Marketing Strategies:

Online Marketing:

This includes web page designing, writing Blogs, social media presence, using WhatsApp messaging, online Ads, Improving SEOs (Search Engine Optimisation), bulk SMS etc.

Offline Marketing:

This includes Pamphlets, posters, discount coupons, news paper cut outs, phone calls etc.

Despite the fact that online marketing is widely popular, offline marketing still attracts almost 90% of your clientele based on your location. Therefore, depending on the strategic location of your dental clinic, it is important to come up with an individualised, custom made marketing strategic plan involving both online as well as offline methods to market your clinic’s brand name.  

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