5 Amazing Tips to Help you Get Back your Internet Speed

Posted by Matt Cole on March 16th, 2020

The internet has been the backbone for the advent of technology. From connecting with family miles away to researching for resources. You would find the internet being used for so many purposes. And sometimes the internet via satellite playing a cruel joke on you by going slow. This would hamper your productivity. Here are some ways by which you would be able to handle a slow-going internet and remedy it. 

  • Check Speed: Often you get slow internet because of the plan you have opted for. Or it could be the other way round with expensive plan but slow speed. You could then log into the ISP’s website and you could call them for speed check.
    Repeat this to check the variation of the speed. If the speed is not equivalent to what you want, you might want to upgrade the plan. With the internet via satellite speed is an integral part to complete work faster and save time. 
  • Troubleshooting Hardware: You should check your modem and router first. You could try resetting it and see if it is working. Any kind of outdated network o faulty connecting might be hampering your speed.
    Thus, this is one thing you should do before taking any kind of immediate measure. Swap cable and if upgradation be necessary then go for it. If the internet via satellite speed problem is still not solved, try going for some other plan. 
  • Fixing WI-FI Signal: Because of signal interference, your internet speed might slow down. The wireless signal being slow would mean that speed would be slow. And it could be because many people are using the same connection. You could try a new password or repositioning.
    This would help you get better service or change your WI-FI channel number. Also, another important thing the closer you would be to the router, the better connection you would be getting. 
  • Optimizing Web: Another essential thing you could do would be optimizing your web. If using a laptop, you could go for the mobile version, disable images. Troubleshoot by using a secondary browser.
  • Get New Service Provider: If you see that the problem is persisting, you should get a new service provider. Also, having horrible customer service, search for something new. This would help you get better service. You would be able to become more productive and sometimes try by deleting browsing data and history. 

Thus, these are some of the tips which would help you get better service when the internet speed is slow.    

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