6 Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Posted by Successories on March 16th, 2020

Keeping your employees motivated often means they are more likely to work hard and produce high-quality work. Happy, engaged employees are productive employees, and keeping them motivated is worth the investment. These tips can help you, as a manager, keep your employees excited to go to work each day.

Reward Accomplishments

Rewarding an individual’s accomplishments, such as through appreciation gifts, can give them a sense of recognition. Feeling recognized keeps employees engaged, instead of checking out and coasting by. A high five and a pat on the back are a start, but offering incentives for accomplishments gives employees potential goals and a tangible reward for putting in the effort. Letting them know that they exceeded expectations by giving them a gift can highlight the importance of their accomplishments and inspire them to continue succeeding. If a team succeeds together, get them branded company swag as a thank you.

Recognize Contributions

You don’t need to recognize just accomplishments, either. You can also acknowledge the contributions of employees when they excel in their roles but hit no specific accomplishments. Recognizing that they still contribute to the team or company gives them a sense of purpose, which can help them work harder. When recognized as a valued member of the team or company, the employee will find motivation in the pride of recognition. Examples of contributions that may not have specific metrics include exceptional culture participation, taking extra time to help new employees, or presenting an innovative idea.

Improve Communication

An employee who feels they are not being heard can quickly lose motivation. Communication is important in the workplace. It helps identify roadblocks or solutions that far exceeded expectations. Communication between employees and management keeps everyone up to date. When leadership listens to employees, it allows sentiments and ideas to be expressed, and when employees feel heard, they feel valued. They could have an idea that will greatly help a project, but if there are no avenues to express the idea, it could go unused.

Get to Know Your Employees

Each employee is different, and each has different motivations. They have varied backgrounds, ages, experiences, learning styles, and skills. Assuming every employee is the same can damage motivation as you try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Instead, talk to employees individually to see what makes them tick, what their personal and professional goals are, and their hobbies. Remember the last tip: Communication is important.

Be a Positive Role Model

Radiate positive energy into the office, and your employees will feed off of it. Positive office culture can go a long way in motivating employees. If they see you working hard and leading by example, they will be more likely to work hard as well. You can play hard, but you also need to work hard.

Don’t Forget Your Leadership Team

Finally, don’t forget your leadership team. Much like other employees, recognizing team leaders with executive gifts can keep managers motivated. It recognizes their ability to utilize their resources, produce quality work, and inspire others.

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