Why Ice machine parts are vital for hospitality industry?

Posted by CB_Sales on March 16th, 2020

Ice maker or ice machine is a widely used device which produces ice cubes for both domestic and commercial purpose. This device is usually come packaged with a home freezer or refrigerator but for commercial purpose it is a total package presented as a standalone ice generator. The ice machine parts include evaporator, controls, drives, dispenser and storage. It is a complete package that comes in different forms such as a free standing ice maker, industrial ice makers, flake ice machine, cube icemaker, tube icemaker and more.

How ice machines work?

These are small ice machines and come in the range of 30 kg to 1,755 kg and are commonly vertical models. Upper part of the ice machine is evaporator, and the bin consists of the lower part. A refrigerant is circulated in to a tube where it comes in contact with water and water is converted into ice cubes. When the ice is fully formed it is ejected in to the ice bin. The machine come either with built in refrigeration or remotely controlled refrigeration system. Ice machines are required in hospitality establishments like hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, while they are also used in homes with small sized ice machines. Ice machines may need spares if they stop working and for the above industries it is vital that they keep stock of the parts or keep in touch with a dealer who will immediately replace them.

What is refrigeration and why it is important?

It is a process which keeps items or things below room temperature in a storage which is designed to freeze or cool. Refrigerator is the most commonly used refrigeration equipment and there are more refrigeration equipment like deep freezers, chillers, cold rooms, over the counter units, under the counter units, lone standing units and more. These are important equipment for hotel industries, pharmaceutical and research industries and warehouses. In hotels where it is required to serve large number of guests so large size freezers or cold rooms are used to store food and beverage items. In a warehouse refrigeration is required to keep huge volume of food items that are perishable in a well preserved condition. in establishments where researches are conducted samples need to be preserved in original condition by keeping them in freezing conditions. Refrigeration supply across the global is huge and manufacturers and suppliers from various parts of the world ensure that the supply never runs dry.

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